Hi Suzie,I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to let you know that we just received a letter from the College Board letting us know that (our daughter) has been approved for the following accommodations on the SAT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement tests: Reading +50% (time and 1/2); Writing +50% (time and 1/2); Mathematical Calculations +50% (time and 1/2).Thanks for your help with this! The educational testing and report you did last year have been very helpful. We’ve got some good 504 accommodations from Oakton High School and these testing accommodations will set (our daughter) up well for the college testing. Her teachers and the administration have been very supportive. It’s been an adjustment for her at Oakton with the higher workload and three honor’s classes plus French, but she’s doing well so far, still receiving mostly A’s. Regards (January 2011).

Dr. Muir, I thought you would like to know that we heard from the College Board and they have granted our request to provide (our daughter) with extended time. Thanks so much for your help. Just knowing she has more time has already lowered (our daughter)’s anxiety about the test. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if I can ever help you in any way. (November 2011).

Thank you so very, very much!!! We truly appreciate your help and all that you have done. Keep your fingers crossed that at the end of this admissions process we have some good choices. (January 2011).

Thank you so much Dr. Muir! I truly appreciate your time today and during the past few months of back and forth emails! (November 2011).

Suzie, Thanks so much for the quick turn around on this report. I’d love a chance to chat with you about it after I’ve looked it over. I’m mostly curious how I can continue helping [my son] any way I can. I’m free by phone and driving around your office building almost any time. Looking forward to talking with you soon. (November 2011).

Hello Dr. Muir. Thank you again for your wonderful assistance this past fall. The accommodations that GWU has provided for [our son] and the ADHD medication have made a great difference in his life and grades. He went from a 2.0 last year to a 2.8 for the fall semester, even though it was early November before both were in place. Thank you again for your time and expertise. It is greatly appreciated.(January 2011).

Suzie, Thanks again for taking a Sunday to meet with us and [my daughter]. [my daughter] is such a terrific woman-to-be, and I want her to have as much information and insight as she can into her own skills, talents and challenges. I also wanted to say that I’m about to email [the school] and update her that the testing is complete; I’ll bcc you on that message asking her for her latest sense of the deadlines for the paperwork. I don’t know if you have any sense [her] yet as to whether [her] test results suggest that she would benefit from some time accommodations, but if that is indeed the case, we would clearly like to have the paperwork in as soon as possible so that we could file the SAT paperwork in time for [her] to take the March test with extra time, and so we can let the school know so that her teachers can be told for testing. I know you will do all you can at such a busy time and for that I’m grateful too! best, and thank you.(December 2011).

I actually gave your info to MBA student services at Rutgers Business School just the other week! (October 2011)

County has changed their mind. They are not looking to retain my child for the first grade now and instead will provide special reading support. Thank you for the testing. (Sterling, Virginia, January 2011).

One of the easiest IEP meetings I have ever attended, greatly because of your evaluation report (Special education parent advocate, Fairfax County Virginia, January 2011).

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