My technological ineptitude cause me to just open this [email from you]. Wow. Just….thank you. [My son] was invigorated by his testing with you…Looking forward to seeing you. (Mother of a high school student, April 2018).

The [parochial] school read the report and said that your analysis was thourough and impressive and they have already put a student plan in place at your suggestion. I am over the shock of a diagnosis and ready to push forward to help my child. (Mother, Chevy Chase, MD, April 2018)

Dr. Muir…thank you for your recommendation of [X] Academy for [X, after the first time that you evaluated her in middle school. Now as a senior, and after the second time that you evaluated her for updated accommodations on the ACT/SAT and upcoming college years], she already has been accepted to 11 schools name a few; University of Denver, VCU, Loyola with Scholarship from $40,000 to $96,000 and we are still waiting for more. [X] definitely shined in [X] Academy and our family is grateful for your recommendation. I wish you and your family the best. With Regards, (a mother from Fairfax County Virginia, February 2018).

I love the new location! The building is SO convenient to Chevy Chase [Maryland]. And there is no need to fight the beltway, or negotiate the traffic in DC, or even fight for a parking space in downtown Bethesda. LOVE it! (Mother of eighth grader, January 2018).

My son walked out of the testing so happy! Thank you. It is like he has a new perspective or attitude now. This makes me happy! School has been a difficult place for him, especially when he was younger. Working with you I thought would be just a transaction arrangement as we consider high school placements, but, this seemingly transformation interaction is very unexpected. Whatever you said to him, whatever happened in there, he somehow seems like he is walking a foot taller. What a gift you have Suzie with teenagers. Thank you. (January 2018)

I don’t know anyone else who would have helped me like you did. Thank you Dr. Muir (Medical school student in his 30’s, needing to take Boards, January 2018).

THANK YOU!!! For the debrief with [our daughter]! She feels empowered and optimistic! And [my husband] also really likes that she has her tool-belt ready to go!! I’m so happy that he feels this way because sometimes I think he’s a little too old school about parenting. Luckily, not about education! I wish there had been a Dr. Suzie Muir around for my family in 1983! (Montgomery County Maryland mother of 2 daughters tested/enrolled in parochial schools, 2018)

Just got back home [from your office]. Thank you so much for your help Suzie! You all seem like wonderful people! I am very grateful for your help. I really appreciate your support. I am doing the best I can to move forward and I am almost at my goal! (Student in her 30’s seeking LSAT accommodations, January 2018).

You help so many, but, thank you for helping my child. I am forever speaking your praises and realize that meeting you last year was truly the turning point in my daughter’s realization that she is bright and able (Mother of a young woman entering her 2nd semester freshman year of college, January 2018).

Our meeting helped very very much!! Thank you…I feel like you doing [my daughter’s testing] was meant to be. (Mother of daughter in elementary with dyslexia and dysgraphia, January 2018)

Thanks again!! It was so nice to see you!! You are someone I wish our paths crossed more often ? I will continue to tell my friends about you…we’ve all discussed the value of your testing and that process ;)… I remain truly sorry [about your husband passing away] and am cheering you on. You are so lovely to be around and have added such value and immense help to our family (Tested high school daughter a few years ago, and now am testing middle school son, January 2018).


Hi Dr. Muir, As a result of your work with my daughter, (X), a couple of years ago, she requested and received accommodations in high school and the College Board/ ACT. She performed significantly better on the ACT compared to SAT, which was interesting to me, 91st percentile versus 68th!. She has just been accepted early action at University of Wisconsin-Madison. We’re so happy for her and thankful for your expertise which has made a huge impact on her academic confidence! Thank you so much!! Best regards, (Mother, December 2017).

Hi Dr. Muir –I want to let you know we had the local screening meeting at McLean HS this morning for a prospective Plan 504 for [our daughter]. During the meeting the school psychologist and special ed director each shared that your report was very comprehensive and well done. [Our daughter] attended the screening meeting and described her experience taking tests and acknowledged your findings. At the end of the meeting the Plan 504 was approved. Now we’re on to the stage of setting up the accommodations and applying to the College Board for extra time on the AP Eng Lang exam, and on the SAT. [Our daughter] is so relieved to have an opportunity for extra time and a separate place to take tests. I want to thank you for your high standards, professionalism, kindness and connection with [our child]. Although it was a little difficult acknowledging the results and the discussion about the reality of [her] challenges a little stressful, overall I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your expertise and vision. You have made a great impact on [our child] and I value your experience and commitment to your profession. Many many thanks to you. Have a nice weekend. (November 2017)

Good evening. I was just thinking about you. [My son, high school] completed his first quarter at Field [School]. He is enjoying it. Thanks again a ton for your support in this transition. He has made friends…academically he is doing fine…The teachers go above and beyond to make sure he is on top of his assignments…Hope all is well and wish you well. (October 2017).

I wanted to tell you that I passed the Virginia BAR exam. The accommodations helped. Using double the amount of days, rather than double time, really made a big difference for me and helped me to concentrate. I have opened a practice in Northern Virginia and am considering running for office. Thank you for helping me to realize that I can do anything! (October 2017).

My son never was a strong reader as a little boy but we tutored him and he got through. I never realized it would come back to get him. Spanish was impossible for him!!! But now in college, your testing has helped him to get the FOREIGN LANGUAGE WAIVER so he does not have to take the foreign language requirement. We didn’t even know that there was such a thing! My husband and I are grateful and now [our son] may just graduate on time!! We appreciate all you have done (September 2017).

Coming to see you a third time was selfish on my part. You have become instrumental in my life since my divorce. That is almost ten years now. Having not held a job in many years, I was terrified. Getting tested helped me to realize that I am capable. Since we have met, I went to college and earned a professional license, all with accommodations. Thank you Suzie. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again (September 2017).

Good Morning Dr. Muir, It was such a pleasure meeting with you a few weeks back when I brought [our son] in. Instantly we were at ease, and I so appreciate that! [Our son] left your session (both days) with a calmness about him, which I attribute to you making him feel so comfortable and “normal”. Thank you. We are looking forward to obtaining the results of his testing. I know not to expect those results until mid to late [r this month]. I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your attention to [our son] and helping us get him on the successful track I know he is capable of being on (July, 2017).

This has changed the way we will parent. We understand more about [our son] and we have already went to see the school for gifted children that you recommended and scheduled a shadow day for him later this week. (September 2017).

[Our daughter] did not finish the AP tests this week in two classes. Can you help? She is losing confidence fast! It is not that she isn’t prepared or did not study. [Our daughter] just needs more time to say what she knows and think through it all (September 2017).

I got the accommodations so I can take the Series 7 exam! Thank you for the extra time in your office and on this upcoming exam! (September 2017).

Thank you so much Dr. Muir. This is a very comprehensive and [eye opening] report which will take me awhile to digest. I knew she was struggling but not this much. No wonder she is tired all the time when she gets home from school. We will share it with her and if she wants to meet with you to go over it, we will be in touch (September 2017).


Just picked it up. Thank you for the quick turn around. Appreciate you fitting me in! Happy Holidays! (December 2016).

It was really nice to meet you as well. I had a holiday get-together last night and I was telling my friends how sometimes you meet people with such engaging personalities that you wish you knew them better. I felt that way about you. My daughter told me you recently lost your husband and I was so sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to tackle the holidays with some sense of peace and the support of family and friends. (December 2016).

Hi Dr. Muir- it’s been a year since you tested my daughter (SLD Reading and ADD inattentive) and I have a data point illustrating the benefit of her accommodations- [My daughter] took the PSAT in 10 grade, 2015 (no accommodations) and again this year in 11 grade, 2016 (with college board approved 150% time, quiet room and extra breaks). In 2016 she didn’t run out of time and was able to get to every question on the test, a victory in itself. Her overall percentile improved from 79 to 85 between the two sittings which feels huge! By the way, the verbal section by itself was a jump from 81 percentile to 91 percentile! She’s relieved and her confidence has jumped with her results. It’s been so comforting to see her self-esteem grow over the last year – thank you again! Regards (December 2016).

Our previous, client, who I am still seeing, now working at and attending NOVA and doing well. (Psychiatrist, November 2016).

Suzie, [My son] just got his first report card for 9 grade at St. John’s. He is doing great!!! He opted not to take any ADD meds and I’m glad he stuck to his guns because I don’t think he needs them. The school offered him a variety of accommodations but the only one he uses on a regular basis is extra time on tests. He is in honors math and honors biology and so his GPA is actually weighted to a 4.1. It is interesting to witness his success and wonder why he didn’t succeed like this at [his previous school]. I don’t spend too much time worrying about it, because all we can do is look and move forward. He is also personally happy. He played football and I’m sure that helps the transition a lot because the team really bonds. Anyhow, I’m excited to share this with you – and you must know that you own a piece of this. Without your help and guidance I am not sure he would be doing so well. Maybe extra time was all he ever needed. I hope you are having a good year. I’m sure you are crazy busy like I am… Sending you a big virtual thank you hug (November 2016).

Suzie: I can’t thank you enough for your help and thorough evaluation of [our college freshman]. I’ve been procrastinating thanking you properly because I want to do something special. In the meantime, know that she’s doing well, met with disabilities office and is getting the support she needs. A million thanks again for your help and understanding. Talk to you soon (October 2016).

Dear Dr. Muir, just wanted to say that we will most definitely refer anyone we know who could use your services. We remain VERY satisfied with your evaluation and report, which made a powerful impact in our initial 504/Special Ed consultation with Washington Lee High School. Best wishes, (October 2016).

Dr. Muir, I have been meaning to send this note for a very long time. As you assist students, I thought some feedback from us might be helpful. I thought I’d send you a list of the schools that [my son] applied to along with the results (accepted, denied, wait listed). He ended up going to Marquette in Milwaukee. He has done fine. He is using the accommodations and received 3 Bs and 1 C last semester. We shall see how this semester goes. He has said it has been harder than he thought. He also underestimated the impact of the cold weather. After 5 years in Arizona for undergraduate school, the lack of sunshine has been a shock to his system. He has found it to be depressing. I don’t know if he will stick it out at Marquette or will try to transfer. We shall see when his grades come out and he is home for the summer. Anyhow, here are the results from his applications last year. Listed in order of 2014 ranking ASU-D, Hastings-WL, Miami-D, Denver-D, LSU-WL, USD-D, West VA-D, Seattle-D, Indiana U-A, Univ of Louisville-A, Marquette-A, Univ of South Carolina-D, St Louis U-WL, Univ of Hawaii-D, Missouri-Kansas City-WL, Syracuse-WL, Gonzaga-WL, De Paul-A, Baltimore-A, Memphis-A, NY Law-A, Atlanta’s John Marshall-A, Cal Western-A, Charleston-A, Florida A&M-A, John Marshall Chicago-A, Loyola (New Orleans)-A, Suffolk-A, Text A&M-D. Warm regards (October 2016).

Hi Suzie. I think of you and your family so much, hoping each day gets a little easier. I am sure your children run you ragged and bring much happiness to your heart. [My college sophomore] is doing well. She is still in the VCU Honors college, was accepted into the DaVinci Certificate of Innovation program as a sophomore (she absolutely loves her first class this semester) and don’t tell her that I told you but earned a 4.0 this past spring. Suzie, she has blossomed. Meeting and working with strong, supportive women like you along the way has given her a good voice. Be well, and know you are in my heart. XO (October 2016).

Dear Dr. Muir, hope you’re doing well! Thought of you and have been meaning to send you a note about my GRE. Thought you would like to know your report paid off! My overall score improved by about 14 points- HUGE success for a horrible standardized test taker!! ? All the best (September 2016).

Happy Wednesday! I just got [my son’s] accommodations approved for St. John’s. He has only been there a week, but I have to say I am amazingly impressed how organized their system is. I can show it to you someday. There is a portal with all his assignments, the teachers give audio clip feedbacks on homework/tests sometimes, we have real-time information on all his assignments and grades. There is a parent portal so we see it all too. We get email notifications and so does he when something has been graded, or new assignments are posted. They make it very easy for him to stay on top of things. In the meantime, he is in honors algebra/geometry and honors biology. So, his intelligence is being challenged, while being given lots of support for his organizational deficiencies. So, all in all I have to say, so far so good! (September 2016).

Thank you for your kind words about [my daughter]! She is a keeper. And she really likes you (and she is VERY discriminating) especially about people that do what you do! (Try to help her). Thank you so much! (September 2016).

Ladies thank you very much. [My daughter] went to the Field School in DC. The school took your evaluation and worked with her throughout high school career. She was an A-B student with only a couple of Cs in four years. She actually took a class her school created for advanced students in History. The class included multiple 10 plus page papers, creating webpage presentation with links like the Smithsonian has, contacting and interviewing university professors etc. as first person sources on the papers, and ending with a 25 page paper. She received a B in the class!!! She also scored a 24 on her ACT test. She did this while playing volleyball on a travel team that was out of town every other weekend, some school days and practicing 3 nights a week. She loves volleyball and playing would not have been possible without your help. Your evaluations and the teachers understanding how to work with [my child] were invaluable in her success. She is starting her Freshman year at college and be of all she received an academic scholarship!!! She is also playing volleyball in college which is her dream. We can’t thank you enough. Have a great Holiday weekend. (August 2016).

Hi Suzie, I wanted to let you know how great you made [our daughter] feel about the testing and how much she enjoyed the conversations the two of you had. She started high school today with much less anxiety than the first day of school has caused in the past and I am sure this is in part because she felt good about having done the test. I look forward to having [my husband] and I meet with you to discuss the results. All the best, Melinda (August 2016).

Suzie: Thank you so much! You have been one of my favorite people that I count as “[My child’s] support group” and your advice has been spot on in so many ways. I am so delighted that we will be working with you again. (July 2016).

Suzie, I can’t believe that it’s been over three years since [my son] first did his testing with you, and can’t believe that he will be a senior [in high school] this year! It’s been an amazing journey for him, and while he has a long way to go, he has made incredible progress! I know a lot has happened in your life these past three years, I am so sorry about your husband. I have been following your story on Facebook. He looked like such a handsome, athletic and fun man to have in your life, and he seemed like such a great husband and father. I am sure his absence creates a huge hole in your family, and I also am guessing that the memories of him are what sustain you. I wasn’t sure if you were back to working or would have time to schedule [my [my child] in for an updated round of testing, but I would so love him to come back to you. I know he really enjoyed his testing with you (which says a lot for him), and I would like for him to have the testing repeated and for you to give us recommendations on support for him. He is planning on applying for colleges with support programs, and has already visited several of them. He is thinking on a gap year as well, but going through the college process with his peers with the mindset that he will make his decision on a gap year after seeing what comes back from his college acceptances, and if he gets into a college he is happy about, may then defer for a gap year if he would like. Let me know if you have time to re-test [my son]. We are [on vacation] until August 12, and he would need to be re-tested before November; in order to have the testing completed and able to be sent to his colleges. I hope it works, as I too would like to see you again, and I know [my son] would. Best (July 2016).

Suzie, thank you for all the hard and meticulous work you put into my evaluation. I now have a lot of incredibly useful data to work with to inform me on decisions I make for the rest of my life. I wish you all the best with your work and will definitely be referring you to others who seek such evaluations. Regards (June 2016).

Hi Dr. Muir, I hope all is well! I just received my ETS approval for accommodations and wanted to check if their interpretations sound correct to you. I have attached the approval letter below. I was approved for time and a half or 50% extra time. Please let me know what you think! Best (June 2016).

Dr. Muir, [My daughter] has been going through Barton reading remediation (outside of school) and appreciates the accommodations that her school has approved. We have had some difficulty with school’s approval of one of the recommended accommodations. They did not perform their own testing as we all agreed after accepted 504 eligibility based on your findings and quickly accepted the following accommodations: extra time, preferred seating, short breaks for long tests. In March, the vice principal and guidance counselor said “no” outright to read aloud because of a lack of resources. We were able to purchase a device and app. Over the next month [our child’s] history teacher allowed her to use Prizmo on certain few assignment that [she] requested (because [she] wanted to see if it was helpful to [our daughter] and to show that it was minimally disruptive. All parties thought it worked fine, minimal disruption, helped [our daughter], Best regards (May 2016).

[Our son] got extra time on both SAT and ACT. Thank you for all your efforts. Sometime when your schedule and ours settle down (hah) I’d love to sit down with you and [my son] to more fully understand the takeaways from your testing. (May 2016).
Hi Dr. Muir, I wanted to let you know my accommodations were approved for 50% extended time on the Illinois bar exam. Such a relief! Thank you for your help. I hope all is well. Sincerely (April 2016).

Dr. Muir, thank you for the report. I don’t have any questions at this time. I am truly impressed by the comprehensiveness and conscientiousness of your review. I had a great time working with you and thank you again for helping me to move a step closer toward reaching my goals. “Be the zebra!” Warm regards (April 2016).

Thank you for validating that we were doing all of the right things for our child. As parents, we rarely receive positive feedback and encouragement to continue to move ahead with what we are doing in regards to schooling, tutoring and therapy. (May 2016).


As the holiday approaches I am reviewing my mindset of gratitude. You are on my list – thank you for appearing in my life when I needed someone with your qualifications to enable me to figure this out BEFORE the challenges of high school begin. [My son’s] path will be different now that we know more about what he needs. I cannot thank you enough for making the experience positive for him. He feels happy/supported as opposed to feeling like he has been diagnosed with a defect. I remember you mentioning how important that is and you were right. Thank you for helping me help my son Suzie! (Mother of 8th grader in parochial school, Bethesda, MD, November 2015)

Hi Dr. Muir, three years ago you did testing on my daughter and helped to identify her ADHD as well as several information processing issues that she has. Your findings enabled us to get the help she needed to improve her reading and writing skills and boost her confidence to push forward in her studies. [My daughter] was thrilled to find out she has been accepted to enter Northeastern University next fall into their Health Science Department. Northeastern has a very robust program to support students with ADHD and other learning challenges and I am trying to make sure [my daughter] hits the ground running once she starts college. I am seeking your advice about updating her testing. My understanding is that testing has to be done every 4 years to make sure all information is current which would mean that this time next year her testing information would no longer be valid. Since I know to do the testing [my daughter] would have to go off her ADHD medicine for a certain amount of time, I was thinking that perhaps we should go ahead and do testing again during [her] spring break this year as this would minimize the effects of going off the Focalin. This will allow plenty of time to write up your findings and get it to Northeastern by late spring or early summer so she can understand the accommodations she will receive from the start of college. [My child] has benefited greatly from having extended time for test taking as well as having audio support on her more difficult reading assignments and is a little anxious to make sure she will still be able to have these two accommodations once she is off to college. Please let me know if you think this timing is good and if we should go ahead and block out that time. Thanks! (December 2015).

Thank you. It is particularly nice to have testing that pinpoints where [my daughter’s] reading trouble is, and I appreciate all of the accommodation suggestions that you listed. (March 2015).

You have no idea how impactful you are. I count my lucky stars I found you. (January 2015).

Dr. Muir, I just received the good news and immediately wanted to share it with you. I got time and a half and will be in a quiet room for the (Louisiana) bar exam! I cannot thank you enough for answering the phone that day and patiently listening while I panicked. And then having the compassion to clear your schedule and test me on such short notice. My parents and I have read a lot of reports over the years and yours was by far the most targeted and persuasive we’ve ever read. Your kindness and openness really touched me. Let me know if you need anything – my parents and/or I would be happy to write a testimonial for your website. Thank you again! (Law school graduate, June 2015).

Thank you for putting together a thorough report. It confirms much of what [or son]has experienced last year and this year managing work, meeting deadlines, preparing for tests and taking longer on timed tests. With accommodation his grades definitely would be better and there would be less stress for him and the whole family. ..I shared a brief overview with [my son] and he was actually relieved to have his difficulties documented so that the school and teachers can better understand what he experiences (May 2015, Mother Fairfax County, VA).

We are thankful that we found you and the school recommended you before [our daughter] starts high school. Moving from a small parochial school to a large public high school, we want the transition to be as seamless as possible (Mother, Gainesville, VA May 2015).

Shocking how well you know my child after only two days of evaluating him…What you wrote in the report summarizes his elementary school years better than anyone on his team thus far and we appreciate the academic plan that you have proposed (Father, Washington, DC 2015).

My son is dyslexic. So am I. And now, so is my daughter. Thank you for making the path easier for my kids than it was for me (Father, Washington DC, May 2015).

[My daughter] was very pleased with her time with you yesterday, feeling that you understood her problems. She’s a very smart young woman, but she has always been a slow reader, as have I, and so I understand how frustrating that can be. I hope you are successful in getting her the accommodations she deserves. Thanks. She really enjoyed her time with you (Father, incoming Business School graduate student, May 2015).

Adopting leaves open a lot of unanswered questions. While we have been there all along, this report helped shine the light on what otherwise would have been unknown. The past few years have been so much more clear and we thank you (Silver Spring, Maryland, May 2015).

My son has had 3 concussions this year and now, while he is accurate on his tests, he is slow and unable to finish. The school will not grant him additional time. We need documentation that he is still just as bright but he needs more time to finish the test, in school and on the SAT and ACT (Mother Fairfax County, Virginia, May, 2015).

Going back to an executive MBA program, I need new testing so that I can be provided with extra time on tests. After being out in the work world for more than ten years, I didn’t have to take the GRE to get into NYU or Georgetown University thankfully, but because of my ADHD, I need more time to show what I know on University exams (University of North Carolina graduate, May 2015).

Hello Dr. Muir, Thank you for the results of [our daughter’s] evaluation. I am very impressed with the amount of detail and recommendations that you have provided us. It is a lot to take in right now, but I may give you a call next week if any specific questions arise. I appreciate the time you spent with [her]. This has been a meaningful experience and while we wish the results were different, we do feel relieved to know that with proper tutoring, professional services, and accommodations she can reach her full potential. Best Regards. (Virginia mom of rising high school freshman, May 2015).

We knew the answers all along. Being validated can never be underestimated. (Mother, Great Falls, VA, May 2015).

I will add your name to our referral list for students requiring testing (Georgetown University Academic Resource Center Serving students with physical, chronic health, psychological or cognitive disabilities, May 2015).

You are a dear! Your letter [to Longwood University] could not be better. Thank you! Your input is dead-on, greatly supporting our requests for academic and housing accommodations (Mother Virginia, May 2015).

My sister had her son tested and when she heard an ADHD diagnosis, it paralyzed her. When we heard that our son has ADHD, we were not. Your report gave us options about what to do next. VERY EMPOWERING! (May 2015).

Thank you for keeping our story confidential. When we saw you recently unexpectedly at a charity event, I appreciated the opportunity to have our professional relationship remain just that (May 2015).

Approved for accommodations in the precollege summer program at MIT! This will increase the chances of getting in when I apply next year, I hope. Thank you (Bethesda, Maryland 16 year old junior, May 2015).

Most of all, thank you for taking time out of your day to support [our daughter] . Please know what a difference you made in her life. She is such a “good” kid… She’s kind, easy going, and well-adjusted. A huge part of who she has become, comes from the confidence and success she gained as a student. Your assessment of [our child in 2008] and professional recommendations have made a valuable difference in her life. Many thanks! (Virginia mother of child with chronic medical condition, 2015).

My son was tested by you last year and he is now in college. He is passing all his classes, has accommodations including one that allows for a single dorm room. The evaluation was expensive, but, I am happy with the outcome and the peace of mind it has provided. I am referring my niece and nephew (Mother of son with learning and attention disorder, April 2015).

Decided to go to American University. Because of your testing I qualify for: weekly meetings with a academic coach, a writing tutor, tutoring in my major classes, technology for reading and writing for freshman year–and every year after (April 2015).

At Arizona State University, with your detailed report, I got tutoring not only about the material but on learning strategies, study sessions, counseling, assistive technology (read texts through ear buds), and organizational tutoring. I am so thankful I transferred and I only wish I had met you sooner (April 2015).

Thank you so much for your support. I’m truly grateful about being able to share this report and being able to get [my son] what he needs. (Mother of elementary aged boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and a Communication/pragmatic language disorder applying to a private school, April 2015).

Had my boy tested by you in third grade and it was the best decision (even though I hesitated, and hesitated) I have made. Now [he] is a senior in high school and his options are open-ended. We will never stop appreciating your influence when others failed us in those early years. Thank you for believing in my son! and in us as parents (April 2015).

It has been nearly four years since [my daughter] had her testing done so as she leaves for college, we need to have it done again. [The University that she has selected] has offered to test her in the fall but we want her to start with any accommodations available to her. Lacrosse practice will start almost immediately upon campus arrival so she won’t have much free time. Since seeing you last, she has completed an auditory training program….she was able to take her ACT over a three week period with extra time for each session so there has been success (and acceptance by [my daughter]) throughout high school. Can we please get on your schedule? (mother from Virginia, April 2015).

Hi Suzie, I hope you are well. A nice note from [my son’s] school resource follows. His tutor reports progress as well. One step at a time, but forward we go! I think of you as we work through this process and I am so thankful that we found you. You make a difference. Warm regards. (April , 2015). Attached note from school: Hi, I just wanted to share something that happened last week. I had just introduced long a to the group and after going over words, we read a little book. After reading it together, [your son] asked if he could read the whole book out loud! He did such a great job. But more importantly, he had the desire and confidence to do this. I am very pleased with his progress, his attentiveness during our sessions and his desire to keep getting better and better. He is a sweetheart. Best, [school resource teacher]. (Elementary student diagnosed with learning disorder in reading, April 2015).

University of Georgia, University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, Bates, Sarah Lawrence, Goucher, University of the South College of Charleston, and Miami all said YES!!! Four years later, you have made a difference and it continues!!! Thank you (Student from boarding school in Massachusetts, April 2015

What we contributed to psychiatric problems, and then somatic complaints, and then physical medical complaints….and to learn that all along there was an undiagnosed learning disorder that caught up as AP classes piled on…what time we could have saved (Chevy Chase, MD April 2015).

Suzie, just an update about [our 17 year old son]. I went before the accommodations committee at [a large suburban high school in Fairfax County Virginia] this week; 6 of them around the table, including counselors, a teacher and a psychologist. They had your 42-page report in hand and after introductions the psychologist, said they usually require more conversation to make a decision but this was a slam dunk and [my son] will be eligible for Section 504 accommodations. We meet with his teachers on April 9 to nail down specifics. Thank you for your help with our son. (Father, March 2015).

Accepted to Pitzer, Eugene Lang (New School), Oberlin, Bennin and Washington College. And I broke up with the boyfriend I told you about. The future is bright. Thank you. I really believe the 3.8GPA was a result of accommodations received after being tested. Without being able to finish tests with time given, I would have never made it past a 2.0 (January 2015).

Playing lacrosse at Mercyhurst in Pennsylvania in the fall. Division 2. So psyched. Thank you (January 2015).

Attached is my [child’s] graduation photo. THANK YOU. Even though you tested him years ago, when he was beginning middle school, THANK YOU. The recommendations helped to get him to this point. You saw his potential when no one else could (January 2015).

Dr. Muir, I would like to chime in to add our thanks for your herculean efforts to complete [our daughter]’s testing and reports on such a tight time frame. Because of our experiences with the educational testing system in the past, we are well aware of what a huge request this was. Thank you for understanding the near-impossible timetable of [our daughter]’s situation and choosing to take on the task even though she was a new client. We can’t imagine that many in your position would have been so empathetic and accommodating. We only wish we had met you earlier in our journey down this road. Gratefully, (January 2015, Mother of law student applying for accommodations/extra time on the Bar examination).

Hi Dr. Muir, First, a big Thanks for your work with [our daughter]. My wife and daughter came away elated by your ability to really “get [her],” as well as communicate some immediate observations that frankly feel right on target. We’re really looking forward to the formal results, and your assistance with a plan of action”… (January, 2015, Father of college senior, Northern Virginia).
For what it is worth, you were correct. We had 3 different tutors and [our son] was still not reading with ease. You let us know that he was not dyslexic as we assumed–but that he was indeed reaching his potential. While this was extremely difficult at the time to hear, two years later, I can stand tall and tell you, without crying as I did in your office, that [our son] is thriving in [his new school]. Our beautiful son may never read on grade level, but he is more relaxed and less anxious, happier in fact, in a school (thank you for recommending) where the expectations are more in line with his ability. Happy new year to you Suzie. In hindsight, I am sorry for questioning. My boy is learning, likes going to school and he has dreams for his future. What more could a mama of an seventh grader wish for (Maryland, January 2015).

Suzie, Good morning I wanted to give you an update on how [my son] is doing since he completed his assessment with you. At the start of the school year we decided to transfer him to [an independent Montessori school]. He has tons of friends; he’s excelling in all the schoolwork; he looks forward to going to school (even gets to sled at recess time when it snows!) and he actually wanted to try out for one of the main parts in the school play and got it! He’s really blossoming and it’s so great to see. And all my concerns of him leaving the neighborhood school seem to be a non-issue he still has his neighborhood friends now just with the addition of school friends as well. We are planning on keeping him there next year as well…We did end up meeting with [the doctor you suggested for auditory processing evaluation] and he is now seeing a speech therapist [at school]. He has also been seeing [an independent tutor, as you suggested for his reading] and she has been amazing! We also met with [an independent school counselor who you recommended] regarding school choices for middle school and high school. Our first choice is the [X] and second choice is [Y] and I think they would both be excellent. Also wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our neighbor’s [who we told about you] child. She really liked you a lot. Sincerely (January 2015, Mother of elementary student with dyslexia, Montgomery County, Maryland).

Thanks again for meeting with us, and for your being so clear and supportive about [our daughter’s] many strengths and potentials. I also really appreciate you digging deeper to understand the nature of the issues she does struggle with, and making recommendations for addressing them (Mother of college student, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, January 2015).
high school student


Dear Suzie, [My husband] and I cannot thank you enough for the insights and recommendations you reviewed with us on Sunday. We both deeply value your expertise and your genuine compassion and concern for [our son]. We have a clear plan and I for one, feel so much better having met with you. We will keep you apprised of progress and I know that I would like to have you talk with the head of school, [Mr. X], after the New Year once we have had a time to brief him. Again, thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season! Warm regards (Mother of elementary student with dyslexia, Alexandria, Virginia December 2014).

Hi Suzie, I wanted to circle back to you about [my daughter]. Her last HSPT practice test (with extended time) jumped her up to the 90th percentile. She was hovering around 70th without it. We don’t have her scores yet, but we know that they are better than they would have been without the extended time, so thank you! I spoke with [her doctor] yesterday about [my daughter]. She thinks you’re terrific – not surprising! She is going to read your report and help us with [my daughter] as she transitions to high school. She thinks that it is great that we caught this before the bottom fell out for [my daughter].[My daughter] continues to do really well in school. She altar served yesterday at a special Mass said by the Bishop at the school. There were six students serving Mass and he made a point of specifically complimenting [my daughter] afterwards. ? The school principal has become her biggest fan and can’t say enough great things about her. Her confidence is building, which is awesome. It is safe to say that she is thriving right now on all fronts. Even the [one teacher we were concerned who was not giving her extended time previously] is being nice to her! I’ll let you know where she decides to go to high school.Have a great Christmas with your brood! I am one busy elf right now – I am guessing that it is the same for you ? Best – (Fairfax County, Virginia. 8th grade mother. December 2014).

Dyslexia. Now we know. Now we will get serious and specific about specialized tutoring and implementing your recommendations (7th grade father. Columbia, Maryland. December 2014).

My son fell asleep taking the PSAT. Your testing helped him to qualify for taking the SAT and ACT over multiple days. In his case, extended time didn’t help. It just made it more exhausting for him given his disability. Breaking it up helped. This made the world of difference (11th grade mother. Manhattan, New York. December 2014).

Thank you Dr. Muir. I was just notified that I now have the priority registration accommodation at University of Southern California. I appreciate your help (Freshman college student. December 2014).

Dr. Muir, I will see you tomorrow morning, but I wanted to share that [my son] just heard the news today that he was approved for the [law school admission exam] accommodations! Hurray! Thank you for all of the hard work and your efficient response in getting those additional forms together. I’m amazed at how quickly they gave us the approval.” (College senior mother. Manassas, Virginia October 2014).

“I just wanted to thank you for last Sunday. [My son] really enjoyed meeting and working with you. You turned what could have been a stressful day into something he felt was a positive experience — and that is really remarkable” (Junior high school mother, Chevy Chase, Maryland; September 2014).

Seeing you was one of the best decisions I made academically, professionally, and personally. Enjoy the rest of your summer!! (Law student, currently working at the Federal Reserve Board, August 2014).

We are back and wanting to schedule a second appointment. You tested our daughter when she was in the 4th grade and determined dyslexia. She is headed to high school and needs extra time on tests as well as on PSAT, SAT and ACT so we need updated testing (Parents of 9th grader, Fairfax County Virginia, June 2014). Update and thank you: Extra time and quiet room, with breaks, granted from College Board (August, 2014).

We had no idea that the ADHD was taking such a toll on [our daughter’s] academic performance. This evaluation has been eye-opening and has propelled us to act (Mother of 5th grader, Alexandria City Public Schools, August, 2014).

Thank you! I was sorry that I did not get the chance to meet you, but I understood [my son’s] desire for independence. [My son] said that you were SO nice. He felt very optimistic that you will do all you can to help him qualify for accommodations…I’m curious to see where he is today compared with how he was when he went through the testing in the past (Mother of 5th year senior at the University of Arizona, applying to graduate school, July 2014).

I hope all is well and you’ve been enjoying the summer with your family!…I was successful in getting accommodations this past semester in law school and I think it really helped. I got my first A! Well, A- but that counts ? My other grades were good as well, but I knew right away that I took that first test differently from the other two…so I’m planning to work on figuring out what was different and other ways I can manage my test anxiety better. I have already spoken with a counselor at the school and I’m hoping to speak with a therapist to work on some behavioral techniques to help me focus/work through things during exams. Thanks again for everything (graduate of Villanova University, July 2014).

We just received these letters from the College Board and we received the accommodations that we asked for on the PSAT, SAT, AP and SAT Subject Test. Thank you for your help. We wanted to share the good news with you and thank you again. You have made a difference. Thank you! (Parents of rising 9th grader, Montgomery County Public Schools, August 2014).

“Thank you for all of your help with our son- including the extra report. Have a great summer!! Enjoy this box of cookies” (Parents of 10th grader, Washington, DC, June 2014).

[My daughter] and I continue to speak of you often, and how much we both adored meeting you. You left quite a wonderful impression upon us! I truly appreciate your speedy turn-around on the testing and I’ll look forward to seeing the results. Thank you, [to my neighbor] for leading me to you! I will be passing your name and info along as well! Thank you!!! (Mother, Primary Montessori Rockville, Maryland, May 2014).

The findings of your evaluation helped us to get our child qualified for extra help in high school. [She] has been used to the nurturing, small school environment and now with high school ahead, she will benefit from organizational support, and an extra study hall, in high school (Mother, Blessed Sacrament School, Washington DC May 2014).

You tested my child when she was in high school. I am proud to say that she has a 4.1 GPA and has been accepted to her first choice William and Mary. We followed your recommendations and she has done beautifully! We now need updated testing, with adult norms, so that she can have additional time on tests, one exam per day and a quiet room for test taking (Mother, Fairfax County McLean High School, May 2014).

“We owe you a big favor. After taking off a year of college, floundering not knowing what to do, [our son] is back in college, earning a B+ average, and now he knows what he wants to do. We followed your recommendations” (Mother, University of Wisconsin, April 2014).

“Suzie: Thanks again for your excellent counsel today. It was great to speak with you and hear your advice as both an education professional and a mother” (Father, Montgomery County Public Schools, Gaithersburg, Maryland, April 2014).

“Catholic University granted each of the accommodations that you recommended. Taking a test with extended time will alleviate the building stress and anxiety that I was feeling. When my mind went blank, I couldn’t show what I know and my scores were lower. ” (Second year law student, April 2014) .

My patient you tested was granted 100% extra time on SATs thanks to you!” (Referring therapist, McLean, Virginia, April 2014).

“Thank you so much for testing [my seven year old son] today. You miraculously make the evaluation process a great experience for the student and parent” (Parent, Nysmith School for the Gifted, April 2014).

“You tested my daughter when she was at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart and identified a problem with her reading speed and now she is in college exceeding all academic expectations, given the accommodations- extra time on test- you recommended” (Mother, Potomac, Maryland, March 2014).

“Thank you for working so diligently with the parents whom we refer. Your evaluations are so thorough and well-written that we are happy to include you on our referral list. If there is every anything more that we can provide to you for an evaluation (with parent’s approval), please just ask!” (Director, Student Academic Center, Independent K-8 school Northern Virginia, March 2014)

“Look what we got in the mail today! Once again – we thank you over and over for encouraging us to act on this. Starting in 3rd grade and again now in her Sophomore year. You have created some great opportunities for [our daughter] and our whole family is grateful to you. Thank you Suzie!!” Attached letter: “You have been approved for the following accommodations on College Board tests: Writing (time and 1/2), Listening (time and 1/2); Mathematical Calculations (time and 1/2); Speaking (time and 1/2); Reading (time and 1/2). The student is approved for extended time in reading. Because all test sections including reading, the student will permitted the approved amount of extended time for the entire test SAT, SSAT, Advanced Placement Tests (Fauquier County, Virginia, February 2014).

Dr. Muir, it was SO nice meeting you and talking with you yesterday. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have worried about [my son] or the past 13 years. You gave me such peace and helped settle the fears I’ve had about [my son’s] future. He has had such a rough time, it was reassuring to hear your professional assessment. While [my son] still has some struggles to contend with, it was great to hear that he has strengths that will help carry him toward his dreams. You were such a delight to talk with – I can understand why [my son] hugged you! I will certainly keep you posted on how things progress with [his] law school plans. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. We could have gone all day sharing stories! All the best, (October 2014).

“A tear fell from my eye when I read the summary. You described my son to a T” (Potomac School, McLean, Virginia, February 2014).

“Mrs. Muir, Thank you so much for helping me get extended time on SAT tests! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it! I hope to see you soon! It’s been too long. Many thanks.” (High school sophomore enrolled in an all-girls college preparatory school; Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Virginia, February 2014).

“Last year was supremely tough on our family in the finance department – and I regret that I had to [delay paying] you the way I did when money was so short on our end – but very glad that we all came through it. Having financing available for your clients [like you now offer] is a good development that might help others facing similar temporary cash flow issues.” (Father, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Washington, DC, February 2014).

“After all these years of struggling to understand what’s going on and convey that to others, including teachers, I really think almost no one really “gets it,” including a lot of people who have made it their business to do so. Did you see [my son’s] face when you were saying that he is smart? I think people have said that to him over and over in the context of trying to motivate him to the point that he doesn’t believe it or really even hear it, but I think he did today, and I thank you. If it weren’t for you and [his consulting physician] I think I would have lost my mind years ago. Thank you so much.” (Mother of an 18 year old son, attending an independent alternative high school in Fairfax County, Virginia; January 2014).

“Dr. Muir: I appreciate being able to refer parents to someone like you who can provide a comprehensive evaluation for students performing below grade level. I have seen several of your reports, and know they have long-term value over a student’s academic career. Not all evaluations are as useful to parents.” (Independent educational tutor and consultant, Prince William County, Virginia; January 2014).

“You worked with both my children…My son is doing very well at Yale and uses and needs his accommodations there .” (Mother of a student who was originally evaluated in high school to determine the need for accommodations, including the use of a computer and additional time on the International Baccalaureate examination, Washington, DC; January 2014).

“This is what I needed to hear. Thank you for telling me that what I have been experiencing is not uncommon, that this is familiar, that I should not feel bad about myself and that I am OK. I have not been able to perform properly and have felt frustrated and pressure as a result. Needing extra time on exams and a separate quiet place to take them will help. I should have done this a long time ago” (College student, Washington, DC; January 2014).

[My daughter] is at George Mason University studying Psychology right now. We used your report [written when she was beginning Community College a few years ago, so that she could access accommodations and services for a learning disability and ADHD]. We used your report at GMU Office of DisAbility Services to get her accommodations. We are very proud of [our daughter’s] continued efforts, persistence and resiliency. It has been a struggle and a long road, but she continues her life path with strength. Happy 2014! (Mother of undergraduate; January 2014).


“Just heard from school – [my son] received accommodations for the SAT with extra time on ALL subjects, as well as use of the computer. We are excited and wanted to let you know. Still no luck with ACT, but we will continue to work on that over the next few weeks. Thanks – your report was obviously the key!” (Parent from GW Community School, 2013)

“My daughter never finds a test easy, but Suzie put her at ease and allowed her to take her time and feel empowered to do her best – so important to be able to get a clear understanding of her capabilities. My daughter is lucky to have been tested by such a wonderful and warm professional. The learning support and double time in tests plus accommodations regarding memory and sequencing have been so helpful. My daughter has gained so much confidence as she knows the LD testing gives her the ability to progress with just right amount of accommodations,” (Mother of high school student,Wakefield School, October 2013)

“Suzanne Muir facilitated a small group training I attended years ago and I was impressed!” (Psychologist, Northern Virginia, October, 2013)

“Acknowledging my bias, I think [my daughter] is quite amazing. I was very glad you were able to get such a sense of this beyond the results of the tests themselves.” (Father of a high school senior, Maret School, November 2013)

“An amazing improvement. Our daughter is feeling much better and we are grateful to you for identifying this (overlooked) problem.” (Mother of middle school child, Fairfax County Public Schools, September 2013)

“Dr. Tochterman Muir, I’ve recommended your evaluation services to several families of students who appear to be struggling academically. Your evaluation reports are among the best I’ve seen. You evaluated a first grade student 18 months ago and suggested intensive Multisensory Structured Language instruction for dyslexia. Her parents were able to keep her in the private school she has been attending, because the school has allowed me to teach her reading and spelling 1:1 during language arts period. She is now reading and writing independently on/above grade level. Thank you for your work in the field!” (Dyslexia support specialist, August 2013)

“A delightful woman, loves what she does and makes both students and their parents feel cared for and important. She gets the whole picture of a child, and stresses the strengths, while noting how the weaknesses can be remediated or accommodated. Dr. Muir is the only tester I know of who will test on a weekend, or at the student’s school, all in one day if so desired. Extremely accommodating!” (High school learning disabilities center director, Washington International School, August 2013)

“Dr. Muir, I was applying for extra time on the MCAT and I got it! I got into the MD/Phd program at the University of Colorado Denver. I just finished up my first year, and it went really well!” (Current medical student, July 2013)

“Suzie is very good at presenting her case to the College Board (and ACT), this is her area of expertise.” (Independent college counselor, July 2013)

“I was granted LSAT accommodations by LSAC and now I have been granted accommodations, including extra-time, breaks and multiple days of testing, on the Maryland and Virginia BAR exam. Thank you for testing me twice!” (Harvard University graduate, June 2013)

“My college agreed with your recommendations. I now have a foreign language waiver, executive functioning support and during the examination period I have one exam per day, use of a computer and time and a half” (July 2013)


PSAT accommodations double time received. (December 2012).

Dr. Muir, Wanted to share the good news that I passed the Maryland bar!! Thank you so much for helping me with accommodations. I am so appreciative for your services. Have a wonderful weekend. Best (November 2012).

The reading program you recommended has clearly helped. Attached is a copy of the most recent report card. Look at the A in reading comprehension. Thank you. We are forever appreciative (November 2012).

I wanted to tell you how much we both enjoyed seeing you yesterday. You are very good at what you do, and we are very glad to have found you, professionally and personally (October 2012).

Andover integrated recommended accommodations (October 2012).

I wanted to share the good news that I received accommodations on the MPRE this time! Thanks for all of your help! (October 2012).

Hi Suzie. Just sent my request to school for [my daughter’s] 504 Plan and thought of you as I was reviewing her testing information. Freshman year was terrific- had a few accommodations in place but [my daughter] learned that a little more of them would be even better and she ended up with a 3.75 GPA, and was accepting of the math tutor, the organizational person we hired and the Berard auditory integration training which helped balance her hearing just a bit. On the day she took her Bio and English finals, the teachers were willing to work out a plan so she wasnt overwhelmed. I picked her up between the finals, saw the glazed look on her face, took her to McDonalds for a second breakfast and returned her to school 45 minutes later with her saying “I feel really good right now.” The week before finals, she was having a little meltdown but said, “Mom, a year ago, this would have been a huge meltdown. My testing with Suzie, doing the Berard, working with the [organizational tutor[ and being in a new school have made things so much better.” [My daughter] made the varsity lacrosse team, and started in every game. She made Scholar-Athlete during both basketball and lacrosse season. Her confidence is back, wacky sense of humor, and there are very few tears. Yes, she is a nearly 15 year old hormonal girl but we have back our wonderful girl. Thank you for your part in this- I wanted you to know the difference it makes that you made her (and I’m sure many others) feel so comfortable with you at a time when she trusted so few. You have made her world a better place, and in turn ours. I hope all is well with your four children and that school has started off on a good note. Best. (September 2012).

Hi Suzie, I am really looking forward to your report/evaluation of [my daughter]. She has started school – holding her own so far… but I can see the struggles are there. I am hopeful that you will be able to shed some light on where those struggles lie specifically… and how I can best help her be successful. She LOVED meeting with you and working [together]. It was so nice to be able to leave her to work with you… knowing that she felt safe and in a good place. Talk with you soon! (September 2012).

Suzie: Thank you for the incredibly quick turnaround and the very thorough job. You’ve told us things about [our son] that we haven’t heard from anyone else all these years. We’ll keep in touch to let you know about [our son]’s progress. Best. (September 2012)

Thank you! We really appreciated your thoroughness and candor. Best. (September 2012).

Never had anything like this. Affords us validation for our concerns and a chance for him to access core areas in school (September 2012).

Thank you for all the good things you had to say about [my son]. (September 2012).

Extended time and writing directly on the book and testing over a few days were all approved by SAT. We know that this will substantially help (August 2012).

School counselor said that your reports pave path for college services like none other (August 2012).

Dear Dr. Muir, I am almost speechless! Your report is the best piece of epistolary art I have ever read. It is so comprehensive and accurate, leaving me in awe of your expertise and experience. You have done such a thorough analysis of who my daughter is a person – her cognitive evaluation. It is interesting that even though I have known my daughter all my life, I was not able to put into words what you have composed. I only sensed [my daughter’s] predicament but was not able to help her or remedy her situation. I am only sorry I did not have the knowledge to do this evaluation earlier and save her so much frustration. Please accept our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude for your effort, time and professionalism. Thank you and kind regards from both of us (August 2012).

Dr. Muir, Thank you for forwarding the report to [my daughter’s school counselor]. She is applying with College Board as we speak. You have been invaluable to us. We wish you only the best and hope you can rest at the beach as you deserve it after this summer’s “marathon.” Kind regards (August 2012).

We just learned that ACT agreed to accommodations (August 2012).

Thanks for the report, I will send it to [Landmark College and to the independent college counselor who is advising us on college placement for our son who will be returning to college after taking time off]. My husband and I were both very impressed with the detail and analysis of the testing. As you know, we have been involved with [our son’s] health and have worked with ADD testing before. This report, with its college focused recommendations, is a really useful document. With appreciation (July 2012).

Do you have any recommendations for a doctor for [my daughter] to manage her ADHD meds? She has been at our pediatrician’s office until now but needs an adult doctor. By the way, she received many wonderful law school offers [after receiving continued accommodations at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and on the LSAT in response to your evaluation, findings and report] and has settled on Emory University in Atlanta. Thank you with your help with the LSAT folks (July 2012).

Suzie, I’m delighted to have met you and to learn of our parallel families [same aged children]! I look forward to your insights as we try to do our best by our children. Thanks for making this morning such a positive experience for [our child]. He came out walking on air! Best regards (June 2012).

WE GOT THE IEP!!!…and it was because of your report. Thank you SO much! (May 2012).

Our daughter’s reading tutor sent us your information and said that you were a very competent and nurturing professional (May 2012).

Dear Dr. Muir,Thank you for taking the time to meet with [my son’s father] and me on Saturday. I appreciate your patience in answering all our questions. Being able to discuss the test results in person really went a long way in helping to understand the nature of [our son’s] learning challenges. Best (May 2012).

Hi Dr. Muir, You tested [my daughter] almost 3 years ago and she is ready for a re-evaluation. She graduated from William and Mary this month and will be working in Korea for 2 years before applying to graduate schools. She is in town until August….PS: She made Dean’s List the last year thanks to the accommodations you got her. Well done (May 2012)

You tested my daughter three years ago and we need a re-evaluation. [She] just completed her freshman year at University of Virginia earning a 3.8 GPA. We would like to have the report before she returns to college in the fall so that she can have continued accommodations (May 2012).

I was just getting your contact details to recommend you to someone, when I realized that we seem to have neglected to follow up with you on [my daughter’s transfer] application. We were so pleased have her accepted, with some conditions which were based on your helpful report. …Thank you again for your wonderful support and assistance. You managed to make a long testing day manageable and even fun for [our daughter], and your report was thorough and insightful. We are particularly appreciative of the time you took to go over the report with us by phone [particularly as we were calling from Europe]. Your patient review and explanations of some of the more complex data were clear and helpful, and the recommendations for follow up and accommodations are already helpful to [our daughter’s] current teachers in providing her with the support she needs to progress and, dare I say it, excel! Your kind and confident manner also took away any concerns [our daughter]might have had about the testing process, and even though she wasn’t feeling well that day, she refers to it from time to time quite positively. Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to being in touch again next year (May, 2012)

Pleasure to meet you. You were recommended to us by [the Center for Disability Services of the]The George Washington University. I’m writing to coordinate the expedited testing of [my client] (copied), a student at George Washington who is required to take the [the evaluation] and receive results before Monday, May 21. While ambitious, we understand from [the disability services center] that you are the best person to help. We are looking forward to hearing from you (May 2012). [And then three days later, the client followed up with the following email] Thank you for the report. I will walk it over to [the Center for Student Services] today. Thank you so much (May 2012).

Thank you. I think we will be okay, thanks to people like you (April 2012).

I wanted to let you know that we did it! I received every accommodation I requested for the Maryland Bar! Even 2 days for the essays and 1 for multi-state portion. Thank you so much! You now have another success story! (J.D. Candidate March 2012).

HI Suzie,I hope you and your family have adjusted to life in MD! [My daughter] has now been accepted to 7 colleges, 6 with merit scholarships (averaging $14,000/year–all for all 4 years!).So thank you again a million times over for all of your help.She’ll decide by May 1, so I’ll let you know the decision! She ended up doing really well on the ACT. She was in the 96th percentile for English, 95th percentile for reading and 98th percentile for English/writing. Of course science (84th percentile) and math (61st percentile) tripped her up, but still overall she ended up in the 86th percentile. WHEW… (March 2012).

Dear Suzie, I wanted to let you know that [MY SON] was accepted early at Sewanee – the University of the South, which was his first choice. As it turns out, he did not receive the letter from Princeton giving him extra time until after the opportunity to retake the SAT in December. Happily, it did not matter! I do appreciate having the benefit of your report which was very thorough and I will encourage [MY SON] to share it with his advisor at Sewanee. In the meantime, can I trouble you to scan and send me a copy of your invoice? I need to submit it to my flex benefits plan. Many thanks (March 2012).

Dr. Susie: I just wanted to thank you for your help with the testing and to let you know that [my daughter] was accepted at all three schools we applied to — Langley, Flint Hill and Green Hedges and I am certain that a large part of it was the great report you wrote for us. Thanks also for referring us to [the independent school counselor], she was great. Many thanks and best regards (March 2012).

Suzie, Thank you so much for your time today to review with us [our daughter’s] evaluation–it was very helpful. Could we schedule a meeting with you and [my daughter] Sunday at 4 if this time slot is still available? Once again, thank you so much for your time, and quality of work (March 2012).

As it turns out, (my daughter) DID call and talk with you and was so impressed that is one of the reasons she forwarded your website to me. I have confirmed that I will be visiting her in DC over the weekend of April [ X & X] and that she would like to schedule testing with you for that Saturday – April [x]th.. Toward that end I am including my credit card info so you can charge the deposit and hold that date. She is copied on this email so you can direct your confirmation and times to both of us. Thank you so much for sharing your viewpoint and your process with me on the phone today. It helped me understand more about how you work and what we can expect (March 2012).

[My son now is] A straight A student in the 5th grade whose favorite subject is math. I remember the one test result that [his former school] sent home that put me over the edge and forced me to contact you – it would have had you believe that was barely capable of holding a pencil. . .And yes he came through the left/right preference issue with flying colors as evidenced by his hockey career. That said, he likes to pretend and/or believe that he’s ambidextrous. Thank you again for taking the time to make the referrals (March 2012).

Thank you for getting back with me so promptly. I will look [the therapist you recommend to me for my son] on the web and do as you’ve suggested. I really appreciate and respect your opinion. Very best regards (March 2012).

Hi Suzie, This is perfect, thank you! I’ll forward it on to the disability specialist at the University of Chicago. If he needs anything else, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, thanks again for everything (March 2012).

Thank you for the report or should I say … “wow, thank you for such an incredibly thorough, comprehensive, professional, cogent and insightful report” … and I’m sure I overlooked a few deserved adjectives. It took [my husband, my son] and I a few days just to digest it all – especially since the scope of your findings were broader than we expected (… not a bad thing). Beyond addressing our initial area of concern (handwriting/computer accommodations) you uncovered additional key insights that were extremely illuminating – your findings shed fresh light on [my son] and will help us to more fully understand and support him – his strengths, his challenges, his potential. Your report will also help [my son] become more self aware and enable him to self-advocate as he grows and matures in life. Thank you on both counts. Thank you for offering to meet with us, we would very much like to take you up on that offer. It would be extremely helpful for you to talk us through your findings, to make sure we fully internalize them and secure your guidance on how to best incorporate your recommendations – toward us helping [our son] realize his fullest potential (February 2012).

[My daughter] got 50 percent extra time on MCATS [Medical College Admission Test] the admission tests for medical school] ! The letter came Fedex. They didn’t give her the distraction-free environment, but they said the tests are given in individual carrels and headphones are available, so [my daughter] says she’ll be just fine. She’s thrilled. Thanks SO much for your help! (January 2012).


Hi Suzie,I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to let you know that we just received a letter from the College Board letting us know that (our daughter) has been approved for the following accommodations on the SAT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement tests: Reading +50% (time and 1/2); Writing +50% (time and 1/2); Mathematical Calculations +50% (time and 1/2).Thanks for your help with this! The educational testing and report you did last year have been very helpful. We’ve got some good 504 accommodations from Oakton High School and these testing accommodations will set (our daughter) up well for the college testing. Her teachers and the administration have been very supportive. It’s been an adjustment for her at Oakton with the higher workload and three honor’s classes plus French, but she’s doing well so far, still receiving mostly A’s. Regards (January 2011).

Dr. Muir, I thought you would like to know that we heard from the College Board and they have granted our request to provide (our daughter) with extended time. Thanks so much for your help. Just knowing she has more time has already lowered (our daughter)’s anxiety about the test. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if I can ever help you in any way. (November 2011).

Thank you so very, very much!!! We truly appreciate your help and all that you have done. Keep your fingers crossed that at the end of this admissions process we have some good choices. (January 2011).

Thank you so much Dr. Muir! I truly appreciate your time today and during the past few months of back and forth emails! (November 2011).

Suzie, Thanks so much for the quick turn around on this report. I’d love a chance to chat with you about it after I’ve looked it over. I’m mostly curious how I can continue helping [my son] any way I can. I’m free by phone and driving around your office building almost any time. Looking forward to talking with you soon. (November 2011).

Hello Dr. Muir. Thank you again for your wonderful assistance this past fall. The accommodations that GWU has provided for [our son] and the ADHD medication have made a great difference in his life and grades. He went from a 2.0 last year to a 2.8 for the fall semester, even though it was early November before both were in place. Thank you again for your time and expertise. It is greatly appreciated.(January 2011).

Suzie, Thanks again for taking a Sunday to meet with us and [my daughter]. [my daughter] is such a terrific woman-to-be, and I want her to have as much information and insight as she can into her own skills, talents and challenges. I also wanted to say that I’m about to email [the school] and update her that the testing is complete; I’ll bcc you on that message asking her for her latest sense of the deadlines for the paperwork. I don’t know if you have any sense [her] yet as to whether [her] test results suggest that she would benefit from some time accommodations, but if that is indeed the case, we would clearly like to have the paperwork in as soon as possible so that we could file the SAT paperwork in time for [her] to take the March test with extra time, and so we can let the school know so that her teachers can be told for testing. I know you will do all you can at such a busy time and for that I’m grateful too! best, and thank you.(December 2011).

I actually gave your info to MBA student services at Rutgers Business School just the other week! (October 2011)

County has changed their mind. They are not looking to retain my child for the first grade now and instead will provide special reading support. Thank you for the testing. (Sterling, Virginia, January 2011).

One of the easiest IEP meetings I have ever attended, greatly because of your evaluation report (Special education parent advocate, Fairfax County Virginia, January 2011).


Suzie, you are good! You’ve gotten me use of a calculator and extended time on the GMAT and the GRE now! Thanks so much!! (December 2010)

Parents appreciate how you get to know their children so well that they trust your recommendations (Learning Specialist, Washington DC, December, 2010)

The family had such a positive experience. The mother liked you and trusted you. The report provides solid recommendations that we can support (Admissions counselor, Washington DC December, 2010).

We are very pleased with the process and the report, which does provide an explanation of the differences between potential and achievement in reading, as well as some prescriptive recommendations. (Alexandria, VA December, 2010)

Extended time granted on my final exams in law school (Washington DC, December 2010)

She loved your letter and said it was comprehensive! I received all the accommodations you asked for: extended time on exams, reduced distraction setting for exams, assistive technology, reading services, notetaking assistance, learning support, and privileged registration. Thank you for writing a great report. You offered me so much support and I really appreciate it. This is a huge relief for me. You really helped me out by coming to test me here [on campus] and writing such a comprehensive report in such little time. I will be so much less stressed now with school work! I would recommend you to anyone. You’re the best! (Freshman undergraduate, The George Washington University, October 2010).

Extra time on LSATS! Thank you (October 2010).

I spoke with [student you tested] after she took the SAT. With the extended time, her scores rose and her confidence has gone though the roof! We will continue to keep you on our referral list (Bethesda, Test prep/Tutoring company October 2010).

Your reports are excellent, and allows the physician to be informed before treatment begins. We will add your name to our referral list (Psychiatrist, Centreville, Virginia, August 2010).

Suzi- As a mom…I just want to tell you: I LOVE YOU!!!!! You have quite literally been a lifesaver in so many regards. You should know that your work, compassion and your willingness to “reach out” has life long aspects a la “the butterfly effect.” You are forever a part of our family history. I might sound overly dramatic, but I cannot express how strongly I feel about this and the results oriented reality that we have experienced…especially with [our son] via the work of YOUR hands. You gave us all the tools and insights we needed that has provided a beautiful framework from which to operate within–and as an aside is legally defensible which has an unspoken incentive for the public school system (Prince William County) to provide our son the necessary accommodations he needs to succeed in school! I just received his SOL [state achievement tests] scores today from this past school year where he pass-advanced two test areas and passed-proficient in a third. ? Don”t ever doubt or devalue what you do, it matters! (Mother of son with cerebral palsy, disorder of written expression and processing speed/academic fluency, Northern Virginia, August 2010)

No one in the Washington area is doing what you are doing. Your reports are very good. (Owner of alternative high school, Herndon, VA July 2010).

We have a lot of students who need support in college. We are adding your name to our referral list. Students need a recent evaluation documenting their needs so that we can assist them further. (Northern Virginia Community College, Disability Support Services, Loudoun Campus, August 2010)

Just heard from LSAT. Extended time for testing approved! (Bethesda, MD August 2010)

Suzie- We are sooooo impressed by you. Clearly, your work is a cut above all others that we have seen in recent years. I will do my best to steer clients your way, as they come through our doors…we started an AMAZING speaker seriers. I will send you the schedule for the 1st part of the year…with January’s program “Before you spend money on private testing, what are the questions to ask?” Since you have a dual background –school + tester– you would really be able to help parents understand this, just let us know! (Director of independent secondary school serving students including those with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Gifted and Talented, Fairfax County VA, August 2010)

I wanted to let you know that [my daughter] received all the accommodations she asked for from William and Mary. The woman at disabilities services was impressed with your write up and the learning issues she has. As always, [my daughter] was very clear that she did not want ‘the moon’ from the school, just extended time, and exams on differrent days. The woman was so impressed with how organized [my daughter] was she kept offering her more accommodations. So, WELL DONE! Another success to put behind your name. (mother of Fairfax County Virginia, McLean High School graduate, May 2010).

Fairfax County accepted your recommendations for speech and language services and reading support. (Mother of 3rd grader, Oakton Virginia June 2010).

GRE accepted use of calculator and extended time (Long Island New York, May 2010)

My husband was tested when he was six. The language [of the report] was so severe and he has been seemingly burdened by the results all these years. We want him to be reevaluated so that he can better understand the nature of his dyslexia. I know he is smart. Perhaps he will begin to see himself in a different way. (Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2010)

Hello! Just wanted to let you know how much [my son] enjoyed his time with you today! Thank you so much for making this experience for him so positive. I don’t think you heard but as the door was shutting today as you walked us out…he asked if you could come to our house. Then on the way home he said he hoped he got to see you again. I thought that was so dear. He really had fun. Thank you again. Happy Easter! (Mother of 7 year old, Homeschool, Leesburg, VA April 2010)

The cost of your testing, plus train tickets and hotel stay was still significantly less money than anywhere I would have gone in New York City. Great value, great savings, and great outcome. (Student SUNY, May 2010).

My sister forwarded to me the very thorough and comprehensive report you recently completed of her son. I was truly impressed with the depth and thoughtfulness that obviously went into the report. In the 20 years I’ve been in academic psychiatry, I’ve read hundreds of neuropsychological evaluations. I must say that none have been better, especially at making the connections between the behavioral manifestations of the problems and the tests findings, thereby providing a convincing rationale to justify a specific diagnosis. (Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, May 2010)

Hey Dr. Muir, I just wanted to let you know, that I received an approval letter from the GRE testing people, giving me extra breaks, as well as time and a half on every section in the GRE! Hopefully I will have the same luck with the DAT [for Dental School] folks. Thank you for all of your help, and I will let you know if I get extra time on the DAT (I will probably send it in in like March or so). Thanks again! (January 2010)

Your reports are very different threading parent and teacher narratives to explain the child’s experience. (Pediatric developmental ophthalmologist, Gainesville, VA August 2010)

Dear Dr. Muir, I just wanted to give you an update: I sent in my accommodations request form for the DAT on Monday, priority mail. I received an email yesterday saying they had processed my request, and I have been given time and a half, extra breaks, and a separate room!! I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I will let you know how the DAT goes, and how my grad school application process goes as well. You are amazing, thank you soooooo much!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week and I will keep you posted on how everything goes. (March 2010)

Dear Dr. Muir, I appreciate how comprehensive you have been with both the evaluation and the report. Ive read through the report, and I shed a few tears when I got to the diagnosis as finally I have some validation of how hard Ive struggled in work, in school, and in life. And, some validation of my intellectual abilities…Words seem totally inadequate to convey to you what your efforts and your report mean to me. I know I perceive and understand things that most other people dont get (relationships, connections, ideas, and insights), and yet when it comes to job performance or keeping up with assignments, I always seem to fall short of the expectations of others despite working extra long hours. Ill always have to work longer but at least now people wont think Im not trying. Also, I should have no problem getting extended time accommodations for testing now. Blessings to you and your family. All the best [57 year old college student, Richmond (area) VA, April 2010].

Accommodations agreed to by ACT (student McLean High School, Fairfax County VA April 2010).

PSAT accommodations for extra time for my daugthter (parent of Langley School, Virginia February 2010)

First of all thank you so much for your candid discussion of [our daughter’s] evaluation. We are very grateful for your honest and caring input. After lots of thought we concur with your assessment of her needs and are setting the process to get vocational training. We are checking with Fairfax County Public Schools on getting her into their career transition program. I�m submitting a copy of your report to FCPS for eligibility determination, and see what they say about your recommendation for services…We hope you would like us to keep contact with you and share with you [our daughter’s] life progress.Warmest regards. (April 2010)

I greatly appreciate all of your time yesterday – you are wonderful! [my son] was TOTALLY exhausted ! Thank your for your efforts to make the experience as pleasant as it could possibly for him (Mother, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, March 2010)

Reading support services one on one and within the regular classes recommendations accepted (Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools, mother of first grader, March 2010).

Thank you for recommendations. (parent of students from Saint Albans School, Washington DC, April 2010)

Accommodations accepted for spring exams. [Student from Virginia Commonwealth University (April 2010)].

Accommodations, and executive functioning support, through college (Butler University student March 2010)

Reading comprehension scores were higher than school realized! (Parent of child with PDD-NOS, Arlington County VA Public Schools March 2010).

Randolph Macon Academy recommeded we call you for testing [parent, April 2010)].


Suzie, Just wanted to let you know that LSAT accepted your evaluation of [my son] and granted him time and one half for his testing, and a couple of 15 minute breaks during the exam. Thank you so much for your professional expertise in evaluating [my son], his portfolio for law school is really shaping up quite nicely, and the experience with you was very positive. If you ever need anything in writing for the purposes of a reference, please do not hesitate to let us know. Blessings to you and your family. Best regards. (Mother from Wisconsin, November 2009).

People have really appreciated your humanity and understanding (Learning resource teacher, Washington International School, WDC, December 2009).

“…accepted to Stanford University…thank you.” (student from Fresno, CA, Nov 2009).

“…accommodations including time and a half for all tests accepted and invaluable.” (student from Arlington, Texas, Capitol Hill Senate intern, headed to Boston College, August 2009).

..accepted to the Medical College of Georgia…thank you for the evaluation…likely that extended time helped me reach my potential so that my scores were raised…” (student from Baltimore MD. November 2009).

Thank you. You’ve been kind, resourceful and professional. We’ve had a pleasant experience (parent of child attending Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, July 2009).

After learning that our son has tested in the 99th percentile, we are now more curious than ever about [our other child]. When can you meet with us again? (parents of boy attending Herndon High School, Fairfax County, Virginia, August 2009)

I have run out of your business cards. Can you kindly send me some? (Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Leesburg, VA, April 2009).

You tested my son several years ago. We need to schedule him again so that he can qualify for a foreign language waiver at Hampden Sydney College. (Mother of a son from Washington DC, August 2009).

I gave your business card to our longtime doctor in Cabin John. We have been through this process before, with several of our children, and we have appreciated your work (Mother of Loudoun County Virginia Public Schools graduate headed to Brigham Young University, August 2009).

Thank you for traveling to test our daughter in our home. (parent of student in Williamsburg, Virginia, July 2009).

Love that you have Sunday appointments. (Parent of child from Towson MD, attending University of Maryland- College Park, July 2009).

Our son was granted the accommodation by the SATs that you said he needed. [He] did not have to fill in the bubbles on the answer sheet. In the past he had always lost so much time losing his place. Writing in the testing booklet allowed him to relay what he knows. Hoping he gets this accommodation in college as well. (Langley High School, Faifax County VA April 2009).

I wanted to bring you up to date re: [my son]. He was accepted at 4 law schools including his first choice – Marquette as they have the National Sport Law Institute. He was waitlisted at 3, and rejected from 2. Not bad at all. He will begin Law School this fall at Marquette, although shortly after completing his applications obtained a new position in Chicago which he absolutely loves but after encouragement by many is going to law school. He is also applying for the joint JD/MBA 4 year program they have. Thank you again for all of your efforts. (mother of son tested for LD and recommendations made for extended time on LSAT from Montgomery County MD, May 2009)

Your reports are amongst the best I have ever read. The approach is excellent. (Retired Montgomery County Maryland Public School school psychologist, author of numerous books on special needs service delivery, and private practitioner, August 2009).

…use of computer, and quiet room, on AP exams helped…(student accepted to Radford University August 2009).

Since we met I wanted to update you as to which doors your evaluation (and my brains) has opened. SAT and GRE granted that a reader read the test to me…NYU also has agreed….Wishing you well. Thank you. I LOVE NEW YORK! (New York University Graduate Student, June 2009).

We can’t thank you enough for coming to [our son’s] school to complete the evaluation. Not having to fight the beltway traffic was a blessing. [The Head of Lower School] appreciated meeting you as well. Let me know if you need additional documents for your review–yet I trust you were able to access his records while on campus. We will look forward to hearing the results. (Parent of child from Silver Spring, Maryland, June 2009).

Writing to let you know that [my son] was granted accommodations by University of Virginia for his upcoming freshman year. Thank you for the evaluation. Thank you for giving [him] the opportunity to begin with academic support. We hope that this will assist in his college success. (parent of child from Manassas, VA July 2009).

Although my daughter will not qualify for extended time given the findings, it has been informative process and allows us to be more realistic about next steps. (Father from Cumberland MD September 2009).

…approved for extended time for my December exams. (student, The George Washington University Law School, December 2009)

Our daughter now better understands how she learns. (parent of child enrolled in Roland Park Country School, Baltimore MD June 2009)

My daughter is attending Chatham Hall, a girls boarding school in Virginia, and requires updated testing including a possible recommendation for a foreign language waiver (August, 2009).

Success on Dental School (DAT) admissions…accommodations on DAT made difference in outcome…(student from Wilmington DE July 2009).

Dear Dr. Muir, Thanks for the link to your new website. Your family (the new addition was on the way when you evaluated [my son]) makes a very sweet portrait. I’d been meaning to give you an update on my son’s progress, and ask for a point of view on next steps. [He] applied to one college last year, George Mason. He passed his piano audition and was admitted by the Department of Music, but his grades (2.8, FCPS 6-point scale) weren’t good enough to get into the school. So, [my son] enrolled at NOVA. After reviewing your report, the school granted [my son] all the accommodations you recommended. I don’t know if it’s the result of the accommodations, or improved work habits, or a mix of the two, but he has excelled. I am so proud of [my son]. He made 4 As and a B (in statistics) the first semester and ALL As the second semester. His GPA is north of 3.9, and he’s a member of the honor society of the two-year college, Phi Theta Kappa. If he keeps this up, and he has every intention of doing so, he’ll be eligible for the guaranteed admissions program at UVA (3.4 required) and William and Mary (3.6). What kind of assessments will he need to maintain his accommodations going forward? (from mother of son from Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, May 2009)

We live in Puerto Rico and wish to schedule an appointment for child. (August 2009).

[My daughter]’s reading level has gone up two grade levels since we have had her tested. Thank you for outlining specific benchmarks, interventions and resources. The school is amazed with her progress. We owe the jump in her grades to you! She is reading with her peers now in sixth grade and we see that twinkle back in her eye. (Mother of daughter from Gainesville, VA April 2009).

Since we have last met, I wanted to tell you that I am going to Spelman College. Thank you for the push. (student from Atlanta, GA October 2009).

Texas Christian University accepted every accommodation you listed (student from Austin, TX September 2009).

…in my third year at High Point University and loving school for the first time…thank you for the understanding about what I am capable of…report has helped” (student from Charlotte, NC November 2009).

Finishing up at Duke this spring and wanted to be reevaluated by you so that I can apply to Business Schools with current testing (Student from Chicago, IL October 2009)

My daughter has a 3.5 GPA but her SATs are low. We should have had her tested a long time ago (Northwest High School, Germantown MD, Montgomery County Public Schools. September 2009).

I am calling from Iraq and wish for you to email a copy of my son’s recent evaluation (August 2009).

Wanted to share that [our daughter] has officially received accommodations at Virginia Tech. [She] is excited to begin college and we are excited that she will get the help she has received in high school through the University. Thank you Suzie for your help. You made the process easy. (Parent of child from Richmond Virgina July 2009)

…received MAT, GRE, and LSAT accommodations based on your findings…especially thankful as I had been denied previously. (student from Las Vegas, NV clerking for judge in Washington DC, August 2009).

International Family Magazine online review by Cat Wayland (August 2009). “There is nothing more confusing and painful for a parent than fighting their way through the maze of a problem with his or her child. For that parent, there is a desperate need for diagnosis and a proposed solution…Dr. Suzie Muir, and her work with learning disabilities at Tochterman Muir Educational Consulting LLC, offers relief to parents and children…Dr. Muir will get to know you and your child and conduct the appropriate testing to determine a strategy and a solution…If your family is looking for help and answers with your child that is challenged, please call Dr. Muir today.” To read full article: www.internationalfamilymag.com/articlesaug09/learningdisabilitiesmuir.htm

Not only was I granted additional breaks, as well as extended breaks, on the GMAT, I am beginning B School at The University of Chicago. Thank you for the recommendations.(Student accepted to Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, September 2009).

Dr. Muir, we just wanted to let you know the good news that [our daughter] was approved by the College Board for extra time. Your help was indispensable. We are so very grateful. This is a real game changer. (Parent of student at Madeira School in Great Falls Virginia September 2009).

Suzanne,I just wanted to let you know that [my husband] and I met with [psychiatrist you suggested to discuss possibility of medication trial for suspected ADHD] and [our daughter] will meet with her on Thursday. I feel so much better now knowing that [she] has a good team of people working for her now! I think therapy is helping and I look forward to [the psychiatrist’s] assessment. She got your report but I don’t think she had time to review it when we met with her. I’m sure she’ll find it enriching. I’ll keep you up to date as we proceed. [My daughter] still talks about the fun time she had in your office. Take care. (parent of a child from Christian School in Loudoun County, March 2009).

My son has graduated with a double major in Business and English from The George Washington University and is planning on applying to Law School. We can’t find anyone here in the midwest to do what you do. (Parent scheduling an appointment for her son from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 2009)

My son’s teacher has already ordered one of the programs that you recommended would improve his reading fluency and speed. (Mother of student from Clearview Elementary, Herndon, Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools, August 2009)

Thank you again for your time yesterday. I think [my daughter] was proud of herself, which is largely due to your kindness and professionalism. (mother of child from Flint Hill School, Oakton, Virginia February 2009)

Texas A&M honored each accommodation you offered. We are hopeful for a better year. Thank you. (August 2009)

Writing to let you know that my third semester at Elon College is great! You encouraged me to pursue mathematics and I am. With a calculator anything is possible! Thank you for that accommodation. (student from Detroit, Michigan, October 2009).

I have been accepted to, and am now attending, University of Colorado at Denver and will study Health Sciences…working on my prerequisites for medical school. My scores were raised with 200% time. (student from Falls Church VA, September 2009).

I took the Kaplan preparation course twice and my scores were raised yes. With the extended time conditions that I qualified for however after being tested by you my scores inched up to where I needed them to be for Medical School admission. (Student from Great Falls, Virginia November 2009).

We received each service and accommodation you recommended in the report. The advocate you put us in touch, not only seemed to care, but really helped. He was able to see us right away and came to the school meetings with my husband and I the following week. Unlike previous meetings, we felt prepared with your comprehensive evaluation and the advocate at our side. For the first time in years we are thinking that our son will have a good year in school. We have always wanted him to feel like he can do whatever it is that he wanted to. School has always been a struggle. We are optimistic. Thank you for helping. We will be in touch. (Parent of fifth grade child in Robert Frost Middle School, Montgomery County Maryland, June 2009).

…got all of the special requests [accommodations] for nursing school tests NCLEX-RN…closer now to going to becoming a Registered Nurse and helping make this world a healthier place…(Medical Assistant at Childrens National Medical Center in Washington DC September 2009).

Catholic University referred us. Thank you for helping us to better understand our daughter’s learning issues. (parent of child from Landover, Maryland July 2009).

We didn’t have to hire an advocate afterall. The county embraced your recommendations. (Merrifield, Virginia October 2009).

…mandating quiet place to take tests has minimized distractions and improved exam grades for our daughter…(parent of student in Arcola, Virginia October 2009).

First you tested my sister’s son. Then you tested mine. We have been so floored by the results I wanted to check about your availability this coming week–we want to have our two other boys tested as well. Its fascinating information (Mother of three children in Herndon, VA March 2009). “…just kept hearing how complete the testing is from the county.” (student from Springfield, VA November 2009).

our boy is happier in school… (Parent of child from Fairfax Station, Virginia November 2009).

We told our neighbor about you. Expect her call. We trust you will help her daughter as you have ours (parent of child in Dunn Loring, VA October 2009).

We just moved to Leesburg and have felt lost and overwhlemed. My husband’s job gave us two weeks notice and boom! here we landed. Finding you, and your services, have been a blessing. Within a month, we now have special education services for our child in school, an outside tutor, a pediatrician, an occupational therapist, a pediatric dentist, a speech and language therapist (for our other daughter) and a college counselor who only helps students with learning disabilities…oh, and a dry cleaner! What an unexpected service…I just found you on the internet as I was looking for my daughter to be tested! I feel like I have a friend in the area now as well. (Parent from Leesburg, VA October 2009).

Suzie, I hope you are doing well…our son is doing great and made the honor roll this trimester! He was beaming from ear to ear. He has been working so hard to achieve this goal, so he was thrilled. [his school] makes it a big deal with a ceremony, etc., so he was feeling very good. All of his teachers are aware of the accommodations he needs, but so far he has not had to use more time on anything that I know of. Thanks again for all of your help and advice–it has really helped [him] to understand the kind of learner he is and helped us to take a deep breath and realize he is going to do okay. Thanks again (mother of child from Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, Potomac, MD April 2009).

Saturday appointment worked well so that we both could be there (parents from Charlottesville VA, and Dumfries VA, October 2009)

Dr. Muir, I just wanted to let you know we received a letter this week and [our son] got into the resource program at Fairleigh Dickinson . This is very exciting news , now he just has to graduate. The program is an assist program to their regular classes where he is to do his writing with assistance and the are trained to try figure out strategies to make writing easier. High school has been a long struggle…I will let you know how program works. Thank you for your help. (Montgomery County Maryland mother of child accepted to FDU, April 2009).

Your testing made a difference for our 15 year old. As a result of the accommodations she has received for executive functioning deficits through the learning center her grades have really improved. We have decided to have our younger daughter tested as well. (mother of student at Flint Hill School in Vienna, Virginia May 2009).

Our son is better in reading and writing than we considered. His erratic performance was clouding the teachers beliefs as well. Now that we know he does not have a learning disability, we can focus on helping him improve his behavior through therapy and coaching. Thank you for the recommendations we are already seeing tremendous progress. (Wyngate Elementary School, Montgomery County Maryland February 2009).

Thank you for referring [boy with hyperlexia]. Your evaluation was instrumental as [he] has made tremendous progress in our program (rep from Lindamood Bell, February 2009).

Every accommodation and recommendation you suggested was considered and accepted by the County. (mother of a son diagnosed on the Spectrum attending Blue Ridge Middle School in Loudoun County Virginia, January 2009).

Thank you for your insights (parent of child accepted to Auburn School, Herndon Virginia, August 2009).

My daughter was found eligible for a language waiver in high school. This is a great relief for her and means that she won’t have to try to pass French-I for the third time. Surely this will allow her to focus energy on other subjects. (Loudoun Valley High School, Loudoun County Virginia January 2009).

You have come highly referred by our child’s doctor. Do you have any appointments this weekend? We understand that you have been successful in College Board appeals. (parent of a daughter of Madeira School, McLean VA, February 2009)

I need to schedule my son for his reevaluation so that he can be granted accommodations in college. The accommodations he received in high school helped a lot. [He] will be driving himself this time as we are preparing him to function more independently as he goes off to college in the fall (mother of son accepted to Shenandoah University, Winchester VA, May 2009).

[My son] was granted extended time on his LSAT! Thank you for your kindness and especially getting the results back to us within a few days. It allowed us to meet the deadline. Plus it made his short trip back east worth it! (mother of son who graduated from Princeton University, Princeton New Jersey, January 2009).

We appreciated the weekend appointments. Our son is behind in school as it is and we didn’t want him to miss any more. (Mother of son from Fauquier County High School, VA January 2009).

It is harder and harder to get accommodations at the high school level especially when your child earns A’s and passes SOL’s. I am writing to let you know that upon appeal [our daughter] was granted accommodations for next year [because of your evaluation and recommendations]. (mother of daughter at Yorktown High School, Arlington County Public School, Spring 2009)

You validated what we were thinking. (parent of a student from Stone Ridge School, Bethesda, Maryland Spring 2009).
You offer professional quality services. I include your name in my resource packet for parents. (Independent college counselor Montgomery Maryland, April 2009).

The results will be used for private school admission for our daughter. Several of the schools we are applying to require ability testing. (Parent of child enrolled at Oneness Family School:International Peace Academy, Chevy Chase MD, March 2009).

Happy to say that [his] grades are improving with your recommendations and the school’s willingness to support him academically (mother of student from Episcopal High School in Alexandria VA February 2009).

Ms. Muir, I so appreciate hearing from you and compliment you on the thoroughness of your report. The family shared the information prior to meeting with them for a regularly scheduled conference, and the information you provided was most helpful to us. We have been able to use your assessment and recommendations to develop a plan to support the student and report more accurately to his family. Thank you for the information and I will most comfortably recommend you to other families. (Administrator Powhatan School, Boyce Virginia, March 2009)

Our son will attend the college of his choice, Washington College, in the fall. Again the testing accommodations you recommended in his junior spring made the world of difference in his SAT scores. (Parent of student from Ashburn VA, April 2009).

Thank you for the list of tutors, therapists, and reading list. We didn’t know where to begin and appreciate the direction (mother of boy Oyster Bilingual School in Washington DC Public Schools May 2009).

You did such a great job with [my daughter]…I will certainly give you a ring when [my son] is due (probably in the next 1 to 2 years). In the meantime, I will certainly refer anyone I know to you. (mother of a child at Flint Hill School, Vienna, Virginia, May 2009).

I wanted to update you on [my daughter]’s progress. Since we had her evaluated by you this time last year the progress has been tremendous. You will recall our soft spoken non-reader who hid when it was time to catch the bus. With your guidance we enrolled her in a research based, data driven program motivated, as you said, by needs and outcomes. It would be premature to say that our [daughter] is reading on grade level, just yet, but she is well on her way. Thank you for going beyond, identifying our child’s strengths and weakness areas, suggesting interventions and programs. You have been truly instrumental in our daughter’s life. Not only did the data and test scores help…but the plan you constructed made the biggest difference. Plus[she] now reads and is happier. It makes getting [her] out the door in the morning that much easier on everyone in our house (parent of sixth grade daughter, May 2009, Alexandria, VA).

Dr. Muir, I read your evaluation three times. I appreciate all the positive comments on [my son]’s behalf. I think he’s ready for a change from the Montessori program. [His] mother has not read the report. I’m sure she’ll have questions. Perhaps, we can set up a time to discuss this week.Thank You Very Much for the evaluation. (Father of boy applying to the Emerging Scholars Program, May 2009)

Congratulations on the new website, it looks great. I will most certainly pass it on! Your services were invaluable to us and I have returned repeatedly to the thorough report that you provided us with regard to [our son’]s abilities. Each time we celebrate a school success or face a challenge we find that the information has already been “discovered” by you with suggestions for ways to accommodate them. Unfortunately, our greatest challenge has been to find school personnel who will even read the report!! It is truly maddening.Thankfully, we have your resource and our patience to share your wisdom with them again, and again and again. It really makes you ask the question: who is the disabled one; our “different” learner or a school system that refuses to teach differently. Perhaps the day will come when the school systems will finally learn and teach “outside the box.” Until that day comes, we have you!! God Bless in all you do and for much success!!!! (mother of son at Bull Run Middle School, Prince William County Public Schools, A, June 2009)

Dear Suzy, Things are going better with [our son]. We really like [the psychiatrist you recommended]. The school was very impressed with your report. We have met with them on two occasions and they are trying to work with us. We are looking into other options for the summer and possible next year. Thank you and take care (father of boy who attends Cedar Lane Elementary in Loudoun County Virginia, April 2009).

You have a really nice way with children. That is a gift. My son really liked you a lot. I was surprised to hear that he thought the testing was ‘fun’ …I was expecting him to be mad that he missed soccer practice on a beautiful Saturday morning. Thank you for making the experience so positive for him. (Mother of middle school boy Chevy Chase, MD, May 2009).

I am going to refer my clients to you.(ADHD Coach with offices in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC September 2009).

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania, with whom I work closely, suggested that I call you. Although I do very well in school, the time it takes me is exceedingly more than others. (Young man from New Jersey, August 2009).

We wanted to share that [our daughter] has not only made it through her sophomore year at University of Pennsylvania, but she has made it through with honors. Thank you for the recommendations last fall–really set her on a new trajectory. (Father from Annandale VA, May 2009)

This process has helped me to realize what I have known all along about myself. It’s amazing that someone I didn’t even know before, until now, could capture this information. (United States Department of State employee, September 2009).

Our son transferred to Loudoun County [Virginia] Public Schools as a freshman. They accepted each of the recommendations you suggested (September 2009).

The testing allows the school to realize my child’s understanding (Virginia Episcopal School, September 2009).

Thank you for coming to our house this evening to discuss the results (Parent of 12 year old, attending J. Lupton Simpson Middle School, Leesburg VA, September 2009)

The school appreciated the results and has placed our son accordingly. (US Diplomat, United Arab Emirates, September 2009)

With this evaluation I am applying for accommodations on the LSAT and GMAT. My plan is to be either accepted by the joint MBA/JD program at Northwestern or the business school at Oxford University. (Graduate of the college Lewis and Clark, September 2009).

The learning center referred us. We would like to have our 12th grader re-evaluated so that he may qualify for extended time for the International Baccalaureate program. (Washington International School parent, September 2009).

Thank you for making the appointment so quickly. (Ambassador of Economic Community Of West African States, March 2009).


[My son] is truly a success story and a child who many would have thought had no learning issues whatsoever. This will make a tremendous difference in his college choices and his ability to make dreams come true both academically and on the [athletic] field. (parent of child attending Highland School granted extended time on SAT, Warrenton, VA April 2008)

Our daughter’s SAT scores have risen significantly !!!! [Her] advisor has suggested additional colleges to consider as a result. Thankfully her first choice Brown University is now on that list!!! Thank you for your time Dr. Muir. As you know we were denied accommodations two times previously. The opportunity for her to attend a more prestigious college is looking more promising (parent of child attending the National Cathedral School, Washington DC, November 2008).


Dear Dr. Muir, I just wanted you to see what a difference your report made in (my son)’s ability to perform his work. Thanks again. [and the mother forwarded this email that follows from teacher at Oakton High School in Fairfax County VA dated April 2008].

Dear [mother], [your son]just completed two of the three essays for the final exam(they are both AP questions I’ve graded for College Board) and I was thunderstruck by the difference between these essays written on a laptop, and the essays he’s been doing all year by hand. I wish he had been going to the library and using a laptop all year long, because it would have made a huge difference in his grade. All year I’ve been writing emails to you that spell out low grades and some missing work, and for the first time today I can see that [your son] can write as well as he can talk and think (and he never had trouble in those areas!) I’ve taught many students who had accommodations in the past, but I’ve never seen a student whose work underwent such a complete transformation. He will do so well in college (and graduate school and in his career) as long as he’s using a laptop! Yours, (your son’s teacher at Oakton High School).

Suzie,I want to thank you for your efforts on [my son’s] behalf with his request for accomodations for LSAT. He did receive both 50% extended time as well as use of a computer for the essay portion of the exam. They responded almost as fast as you. He is studying furiously with renewed vigor for the Law Boards. Again, your thoroughness and speed of reporting made it all possible. Take care (mother of son who recently graduated with honors from University of Massachusetts -Amherst, January 2008).

For years I have been worried that my daughter had dyslexia. She was initially slow to grasp reading, plus her father was diagnosed at any early age. We are pleased and comforted that the evaluation results revealed our daughter is reading on age and grade level.(Washington DC, February 2008)

We wanted to rule out Attention Deficit Disorder and now we have. It is time for our daughter to take more responsibility for her school success. (father of daughter at American University in Washington DC January 2008).

When our daughter began to fail courses in her major ,we wanted to rule out a learning disability. Now that we know she does not have a disability in math afterall, we can focus on supporting her in other areas (parent of student at Tuskegee University in Alabama, October 2008).

The headmaster was surprised at our meeting. We gave him the evaluation. When he saw how gifted our child was, he was expecting that we would be coming in with our fists up questioning the school’s instructional approach. He was happy to learn that we wantedt o partner with him in an effort to augment our child’s education. Our son is happy at his school and we dont have any intention of transferring him.

After referring dozen of my patients I wish to have my own child tested (Pediatrician, Fauquier County Virginia, March 2006). The school resource teacher was impressed with the thoroughness of the recommendations of the report. (parent of child accepted to ChristChurch School in Irvington, Virginia August 2008).

My child was accepted to Sidwell Friends School! Thank you. She may be in class with one of Obama’s daughters (mother from Prince George’s County Maryland, November 2008).

I would like to have my son scheduled for evaluation. Your name has come recommended by his advisor and I would prefer to go to someone with whom the school will be able to effectively communicate with rather than return to [professional who previously evaluated her son in 04]. (mother of boy at Landon School in Bethesda, December 2008).

I have told my friends about you. You are very good at what you do. Conscientious as well as competant (father of son at Hill School in Middleburg VA, December 2008).

Now that specific gaps in my daughter’s reading skills have been pointed out, we know not only what to target but have been suggested effective interventions.” (Homeschool parent, Prince Georges County Maryland, June 2008).

My daughter was found eligible for Gifted and Talented Program upon appeal with the findings of the test you administered several Saturdays ago She was better able to perform one on one rather than in a large proctored room of scores of other little children. (parent of child at Great Falls Elementary in Fairfax County Virginia, January 2008).

My grandson wanted to officially drop out of school. We were hoping that this testing could put him back on the path toward his GED. After meeting with you and his mother about the results he is considering an alternative high school (grandmother of boy from Chantilly High School, Fairfax, Virginia, August 2008).

Every [child] should have a Suzie Muir in their corner! (co-owner of recognized tutoring agency in Fairfax, Virginia, October 2008).

We are applying to the McLean School.They suggested that we call you for updated acheivement testing. [and then] Thank you for handing us with the results right after you met with [our son]. We will go right from your office to the school. (applicant for McLean School, Potomac MD August 2008)

My 14 year old daughter is applying to the Chelsea School, an independent school serving students with learning disabilties, as well as to several others, and she needs new testing. We hired a private school counselor to help us determine the best school placement for our daughter and she suggested we call you first for testing. The results will better inform the schools of our child’s potential despite her academic record. (Takoma Park MD, August 2008)


We thought (our son) was smart but these results give us renewed energy and assurance. We plan to apply to the county’s accelerated program (Buckland Mills Elementary, Prince William County Public Schools Virginia. October 2007).

We put your name on our referral list after the parent of [a student you tested] spoke so highly of you and your kind approach with her daughter (admissions counselor Wakefield School, The Plains, Virginia Spring 2007).

My son was found ineligible for special education services in middle school. Suzie, thank you because your assessment and findings prompted the school system to reconsider. (parent of child at Mountain View Elementary in Prince William County Virginia, December 2007).

Without this private testing our eight year old daughter would not have been tested by our school system. Despite homeschooling efforts, motivated by the results of this evaluation, we have decided to apply to a private school for dyslexic students back home (parents of a child in the Avon Central School District in New York, December 2007).

The Community College afforded [my daughter] a reduced courseload to the Vet Tech program based on your recommendations (parent of daughter at Northern Virginia Community College, July 2007).


For Immediate Release
Friday, February 14, 2003:

Contact for Reporters:
Brad Bohlander
(970) 491-1545
[email protected]


FORT COLLINS – Six top educators at Colorado State University have been named Best Teacher award-winners for 2003 and will be honored during a ceremony Feb. 21. This year’s winners and their departments are Larry Bloom, professor, psychology; Mario Caballero, operations adviser for Campus Television and KCSU radio and instructor in journalism; Christopher Melby, professor, food science and human nutrition; Deborah Thompson, assistant professor, English; Stephen Thompson, professor, chemistry; and Suzanne Tochterman, assistant professor, education.This year’s winners were chosen from more than 200 nominations. Students, alumni and faculty were asked to submit nominations, and final selections were made by the Colorado State Alumni Association board of directors.Best Teacher Awards are sponsored by the Colorado State Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Connection. The award program will be held at the University Park Holiday Inn, 425 W. Prospect Road. Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner will follow and the awards program begins at 7 p.m. Admission is $10 per person. Advance tickets are required. To make reservations or for more information, call Emily Porter at (970) 491-3591 .

Following are the Best Teachers of 2003 and excerpts from the people who nominated them. Suzanne Tochterman, assistant professor, education. After completing an undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt, a master’s and doctorate at George Washington University, Tochterman taught students with special needs in Washington, D.C. Currently she is helping to prepare secondary teachers in the School of Education at Colorado State. One student said, “There are many teachers who talk about lofty ideas and enthusiastically promote the possibilities of education. There are few who are able to back up their ideas with hard-earned experience, integrity and who clearly follow through with their actions. Suzie is one of those people.

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