Which Tests Are Administered?

Typically the Woodcock Johnson-IV (Achievement and/or Cognition), and the WISC-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children), WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale), or WPPSI -III (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence) are administered. Then depending on the presenting need, age and issues of the youth, abilities and aptitudes may be further assessed using one or more of the following: Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test (LAC-3),  Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning (WRAML-3), Nelson-Denny Reading Test (NDRT), The Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT-5), Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS), Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP), Test of Language Development (TOLD-3), Connors Rating Scale- Revised (CRS-R), Learning Styles Inventory, The Nelson Denny Reading Test (NDRT), Test of Language Competence (TLC), Test of Written Spelling (TWS-4), Test of Early Written Language Skills(TEWL-2), Test of Early Written Language (TEWL-4); Test of Written Language (TOWL-4), Test of Reading Comprehension (TORC-3), Test of Word Reading Efficiency (TOWRE), Test of Early Reading Ability (TERA-3), Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (BRIEF), Behavior Assessment System for Children-Second Edition (BASC2), Slosson Oral Reading Test-Revised (SORT4), Child Behavior Checklist (CBC), Test of Phonological Awareness Skills (PAT-2), Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS-3), Key Math (KM), Rapid Automatized Naming and Rapid Alternating Stimulus Test (RAM/RAS), Kaufman Test of Education Achievement- 2nd Edition (KTEA-II), Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (DKEFS), Test of Variable Attention (TOVA), Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT) and Conners Test of Continuous Performance Test (CPT); Wechsler Individualized Achievement Test (WIAT-IV); Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA-3), Integrated Visual and Audiotory Continuous Performance Test (IVA-2 CPT) and others

Note: Students will NOT be required to take all tests listed here.

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