PSAT accommodations double time received. (December 2012).

Dr. Muir, Wanted to share the good news that I passed the Maryland bar!! Thank you so much for helping me with accommodations. I am so appreciative for your services. Have a wonderful weekend. Best (November 2012).

The reading program you recommended has clearly helped. Attached is a copy of the most recent report card. Look at the A in reading comprehension. Thank you. We are forever appreciative (November 2012).

I wanted to tell you how much we both enjoyed seeing you yesterday. You are very good at what you do, and we are very glad to have found you, professionally and personally (October 2012).

Andover integrated recommended accommodations (October 2012).

I wanted to share the good news that I received accommodations on the MPRE this time! Thanks for all of your help! (October 2012).

Hi Suzie. Just sent my request to school for [my daughter’s] 504 Plan and thought of you as I was reviewing her testing information. Freshman year was terrific- had a few accommodations in place but [my daughter] learned that a little more of them would be even better and she ended up with a 3.75 GPA, and was accepting of the math tutor, the organizational person we hired and the Berard auditory integration training which helped balance her hearing just a bit. On the day she took her Bio and English finals, the teachers were willing to work out a plan so she wasnt overwhelmed. I picked her up between the finals, saw the glazed look on her face, took her to McDonalds for a second breakfast and returned her to school 45 minutes later with her saying “I feel really good right now.” The week before finals, she was having a little meltdown but said, “Mom, a year ago, this would have been a huge meltdown. My testing with Suzie, doing the Berard, working with the [organizational tutor[ and being in a new school have made things so much better.” [My daughter] made the varsity lacrosse team, and started in every game. She made Scholar-Athlete during both basketball and lacrosse season. Her confidence is back, wacky sense of humor, and there are very few tears. Yes, she is a nearly 15 year old hormonal girl but we have back our wonderful girl. Thank you for your part in this- I wanted you to know the difference it makes that you made her (and I’m sure many others) feel so comfortable with you at a time when she trusted so few. You have made her world a better place, and in turn ours. I hope all is well with your four children and that school has started off on a good note. Best. (September 2012).

Hi Suzie, I am really looking forward to your report/evaluation of [my daughter]. She has started school – holding her own so far… but I can see the struggles are there. I am hopeful that you will be able to shed some light on where those struggles lie specifically… and how I can best help her be successful. She LOVED meeting with you and working [together]. It was so nice to be able to leave her to work with you… knowing that she felt safe and in a good place. Talk with you soon! (September 2012).

Suzie: Thank you for the incredibly quick turnaround and the very thorough job. You’ve told us things about [our son] that we haven’t heard from anyone else all these years. We’ll keep in touch to let you know about [our son]’s progress. Best. (September 2012)

Thank you! We really appreciated your thoroughness and candor. Best. (September 2012).

Never had anything like this. Affords us validation for our concerns and a chance for him to access core areas in school (September 2012).

Thank you for all the good things you had to say about [my son]. (September 2012).

Extended time and writing directly on the book and testing over a few days were all approved by SAT. We know that this will substantially help (August 2012).

School counselor said that your reports pave path for college services like none other (August 2012).

Dear Dr. Muir, I am almost speechless! Your report is the best piece of epistolary art I have ever read. It is so comprehensive and accurate, leaving me in awe of your expertise and experience. You have done such a thorough analysis of who my daughter is a person – her cognitive evaluation. It is interesting that even though I have known my daughter all my life, I was not able to put into words what you have composed. I only sensed [my daughter’s] predicament but was not able to help her or remedy her situation. I am only sorry I did not have the knowledge to do this evaluation earlier and save her so much frustration. Please accept our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude for your effort, time and professionalism. Thank you and kind regards from both of us (August 2012).

Dr. Muir, Thank you for forwarding the report to [my daughter’s school counselor]. She is applying with College Board as we speak. You have been invaluable to us. We wish you only the best and hope you can rest at the beach as you deserve it after this summer’s “marathon.” Kind regards (August 2012).

We just learned that ACT agreed to accommodations (August 2012).

Thanks for the report, I will send it to [Landmark College and to the independent college counselor who is advising us on college placement for our son who will be returning to college after taking time off]. My husband and I were both very impressed with the detail and analysis of the testing. As you know, we have been involved with [our son’s] health and have worked with ADD testing before. This report, with its college focused recommendations, is a really useful document. With appreciation (July 2012).

Do you have any recommendations for a doctor for [my daughter] to manage her ADHD meds? She has been at our pediatrician’s office until now but needs an adult doctor. By the way, she received many wonderful law school offers [after receiving continued accommodations at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and on the LSAT in response to your evaluation, findings and report] and has settled on Emory University in Atlanta. Thank you with your help with the LSAT folks (July 2012).

Suzie, I’m delighted to have met you and to learn of our parallel families [same aged children]! I look forward to your insights as we try to do our best by our children. Thanks for making this morning such a positive experience for [our child]. He came out walking on air! Best regards (June 2012).

WE GOT THE IEP!!!…and it was because of your report. Thank you SO much! (May 2012).

Our daughter’s reading tutor sent us your information and said that you were a very competent and nurturing professional (May 2012).

Dear Dr. Muir,Thank you for taking the time to meet with [my son’s father] and me on Saturday. I appreciate your patience in answering all our questions. Being able to discuss the test results in person really went a long way in helping to understand the nature of [our son’s] learning challenges. Best (May 2012).

Hi Dr. Muir, You tested [my daughter] almost 3 years ago and she is ready for a re-evaluation. She graduated from William and Mary this month and will be working in Korea for 2 years before applying to graduate schools. She is in town until August….PS: She made Dean’s List the last year thanks to the accommodations you got her. Well done (May 2012)

You tested my daughter three years ago and we need a re-evaluation. [She] just completed her freshman year at University of Virginia earning a 3.8 GPA. We would like to have the report before she returns to college in the fall so that she can have continued accommodations (May 2012).

I was just getting your contact details to recommend you to someone, when I realized that we seem to have neglected to follow up with you on [my daughter’s transfer] application. We were so pleased have her accepted, with some conditions which were based on your helpful report. …Thank you again for your wonderful support and assistance. You managed to make a long testing day manageable and even fun for [our daughter], and your report was thorough and insightful. We are particularly appreciative of the time you took to go over the report with us by phone [particularly as we were calling from Europe]. Your patient review and explanations of some of the more complex data were clear and helpful, and the recommendations for follow up and accommodations are already helpful to [our daughter’s] current teachers in providing her with the support she needs to progress and, dare I say it, excel! Your kind and confident manner also took away any concerns [our daughter]might have had about the testing process, and even though she wasn’t feeling well that day, she refers to it from time to time quite positively. Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to being in touch again next year (May, 2012)

Pleasure to meet you. You were recommended to us by [the Center for Disability Services of the]The George Washington University. I’m writing to coordinate the expedited testing of [my client] (copied), a student at George Washington who is required to take the [the evaluation] and receive results before Monday, May 21. While ambitious, we understand from [the disability services center] that you are the best person to help. We are looking forward to hearing from you (May 2012). [And then three days later, the client followed up with the following email] Thank you for the report. I will walk it over to [the Center for Student Services] today. Thank you so much (May 2012).

Thank you. I think we will be okay, thanks to people like you (April 2012).

I wanted to let you know that we did it! I received every accommodation I requested for the Maryland Bar! Even 2 days for the essays and 1 for multi-state portion. Thank you so much! You now have another success story! (J.D. Candidate March 2012).

HI Suzie,I hope you and your family have adjusted to life in MD! [My daughter] has now been accepted to 7 colleges, 6 with merit scholarships (averaging $14,000/year–all for all 4 years!).So thank you again a million times over for all of your help.She’ll decide by May 1, so I’ll let you know the decision! She ended up doing really well on the ACT. She was in the 96th percentile for English, 95th percentile for reading and 98th percentile for English/writing. Of course science (84th percentile) and math (61st percentile) tripped her up, but still overall she ended up in the 86th percentile. WHEW… (March 2012).

Dear Suzie, I wanted to let you know that [MY SON] was accepted early at Sewanee – the University of the South, which was his first choice. As it turns out, he did not receive the letter from Princeton giving him extra time until after the opportunity to retake the SAT in December. Happily, it did not matter! I do appreciate having the benefit of your report which was very thorough and I will encourage [MY SON] to share it with his advisor at Sewanee. In the meantime, can I trouble you to scan and send me a copy of your invoice? I need to submit it to my flex benefits plan. Many thanks (March 2012).

Dr. Susie: I just wanted to thank you for your help with the testing and to let you know that [my daughter] was accepted at all three schools we applied to — Langley, Flint Hill and Green Hedges and I am certain that a large part of it was the great report you wrote for us. Thanks also for referring us to [the independent school counselor], she was great. Many thanks and best regards (March 2012).

Suzie, Thank you so much for your time today to review with us [our daughter’s] evaluation–it was very helpful. Could we schedule a meeting with you and [my daughter] Sunday at 4 if this time slot is still available? Once again, thank you so much for your time, and quality of work (March 2012).

As it turns out, (my daughter) DID call and talk with you and was so impressed that is one of the reasons she forwarded your website to me. I have confirmed that I will be visiting her in DC over the weekend of April [ X & X] and that she would like to schedule testing with you for that Saturday – April [x]th.. Toward that end I am including my credit card info so you can charge the deposit and hold that date. She is copied on this email so you can direct your confirmation and times to both of us. Thank you so much for sharing your viewpoint and your process with me on the phone today. It helped me understand more about how you work and what we can expect (March 2012).

[My son now is] A straight A student in the 5th grade whose favorite subject is math. I remember the one test result that [his former school] sent home that put me over the edge and forced me to contact you – it would have had you believe that was barely capable of holding a pencil. . .And yes he came through the left/right preference issue with flying colors as evidenced by his hockey career. That said, he likes to pretend and/or believe that he’s ambidextrous. Thank you again for taking the time to make the referrals (March 2012).

Thank you for getting back with me so promptly. I will look [the therapist you recommend to me for my son] on the web and do as you’ve suggested. I really appreciate and respect your opinion. Very best regards (March 2012).

Hi Suzie, This is perfect, thank you! I’ll forward it on to the disability specialist at the University of Chicago. If he needs anything else, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, thanks again for everything (March 2012).

Thank you for the report or should I say … “wow, thank you for such an incredibly thorough, comprehensive, professional, cogent and insightful report” … and I’m sure I overlooked a few deserved adjectives. It took [my husband, my son] and I a few days just to digest it all – especially since the scope of your findings were broader than we expected (… not a bad thing). Beyond addressing our initial area of concern (handwriting/computer accommodations) you uncovered additional key insights that were extremely illuminating – your findings shed fresh light on [my son] and will help us to more fully understand and support him – his strengths, his challenges, his potential. Your report will also help [my son] become more self aware and enable him to self-advocate as he grows and matures in life. Thank you on both counts. Thank you for offering to meet with us, we would very much like to take you up on that offer. It would be extremely helpful for you to talk us through your findings, to make sure we fully internalize them and secure your guidance on how to best incorporate your recommendations – toward us helping [our son] realize his fullest potential (February 2012).

[My daughter] got 50 percent extra time on MCATS [Medical College Admission Test] the admission tests for medical school] ! The letter came Fedex. They didn’t give her the distraction-free environment, but they said the tests are given in individual carrels and headphones are available, so [my daughter] says she’ll be just fine. She’s thrilled. Thanks SO much for your help! (January 2012).

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