Hi Dr. Muir, As a result of your work with my daughter, (X), a couple of years ago, she requested and received accommodations in high school and the College Board/ ACT. She performed significantly better on the ACT compared to SAT, which was interesting to me, 91st percentile versus 68th!. She has just been accepted early action at University of Wisconsin-Madison. We’re so happy for her and thankful for your expertise which has made a huge impact on her academic confidence! Thank you so much!! Best regards, (Mother, December 2017).

Hi Dr. Muir –I want to let you know we had the local screening meeting at McLean HS this morning for a prospective Plan 504 for [our daughter]. During the meeting the school psychologist and special ed director each shared that your report was very comprehensive and well done. [Our daughter] attended the screening meeting and described her experience taking tests and acknowledged your findings. At the end of the meeting the Plan 504 was approved. Now we’re on to the stage of setting up the accommodations and applying to the College Board for extra time on the AP Eng Lang exam, and on the SAT. [Our daughter] is so relieved to have an opportunity for extra time and a separate place to take tests. I want to thank you for your high standards, professionalism, kindness and connection with [our child]. Although it was a little difficult acknowledging the results and the discussion about the reality of [her] challenges a little stressful, overall I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your expertise and vision. You have made a great impact on [our child] and I value your experience and commitment to your profession. Many many thanks to you. Have a nice weekend. (November 2017)

Good evening. I was just thinking about you. [My son, high school] completed his first quarter at Field [School]. He is enjoying it. Thanks again a ton for your support in this transition. He has made friends…academically he is doing fine…The teachers go above and beyond to make sure he is on top of his assignments…Hope all is well and wish you well. (October 2017).

I wanted to tell you that I passed the Virginia BAR exam. The accommodations helped. Using double the amount of days, rather than double time, really made a big difference for me and helped me to concentrate. I have opened a practice in Northern Virginia and am considering running for office. Thank you for helping me to realize that I can do anything! (October 2017).

My son never was a strong reader as a little boy but we tutored him and he got through. I never realized it would come back to get him. Spanish was impossible for him!!! But now in college, your testing has helped him to get the FOREIGN LANGUAGE WAIVER so he does not have to take the foreign language requirement. We didn’t even know that there was such a thing! My husband and I are grateful and now [our son] may just graduate on time!! We appreciate all you have done (September 2017).

Coming to see you a third time was selfish on my part. You have become instrumental in my life since my divorce. That is almost ten years now. Having not held a job in many years, I was terrified. Getting tested helped me to realize that I am capable. Since we have met, I went to college and earned a professional license, all with accommodations. Thank you Suzie. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again (September 2017).

Good Morning Dr. Muir, It was such a pleasure meeting with you a few weeks back when I brought [our son] in. Instantly we were at ease, and I so appreciate that! [Our son] left your session (both days) with a calmness about him, which I attribute to you making him feel so comfortable and “normal”. Thank you. We are looking forward to obtaining the results of his testing. I know not to expect those results until mid to late [r this month]. I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your attention to [our son] and helping us get him on the successful track I know he is capable of being on (July, 2017).

This has changed the way we will parent. We understand more about [our son] and we have already went to see the school for gifted children that you recommended and scheduled a shadow day for him later this week. (September 2017).

[Our daughter] did not finish the AP tests this week in two classes. Can you help? She is losing confidence fast! It is not that she isn’t prepared or did not study. [Our daughter] just needs more time to say what she knows and think through it all (September 2017).

I got the accommodations so I can take the Series 7 exam! Thank you for the extra time in your office and on this upcoming exam! (September 2017).

Thank you so much Dr. Muir. This is a very comprehensive and [eye opening] report which will take me awhile to digest. I knew she was struggling but not this much. No wonder she is tired all the time when she gets home from school. We will share it with her and if she wants to meet with you to go over it, we will be in touch (September 2017).

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