As the holiday approaches I am reviewing my mindset of gratitude. You are on my list – thank you for appearing in my life when I needed someone with your qualifications to enable me to figure this out BEFORE the challenges of high school begin. [My son’s] path will be different now that we know more about what he needs. I cannot thank you enough for making the experience positive for him. He feels happy/supported as opposed to feeling like he has been diagnosed with a defect. I remember you mentioning how important that is and you were right. Thank you for helping me help my son Suzie! (Mother of 8th grader in parochial school, Bethesda, MD, November 2015)

Hi Dr. Muir, three years ago you did testing on my daughter and helped to identify her ADHD as well as several information processing issues that she has. Your findings enabled us to get the help she needed to improve her reading and writing skills and boost her confidence to push forward in her studies. [My daughter] was thrilled to find out she has been accepted to enter Northeastern University next fall into their Health Science Department. Northeastern has a very robust program to support students with ADHD and other learning challenges and I am trying to make sure [my daughter] hits the ground running once she starts college. I am seeking your advice about updating her testing. My understanding is that testing has to be done every 4 years to make sure all information is current which would mean that this time next year her testing information would no longer be valid. Since I know to do the testing [my daughter] would have to go off her ADHD medicine for a certain amount of time, I was thinking that perhaps we should go ahead and do testing again during [her] spring break this year as this would minimize the effects of going off the Focalin. This will allow plenty of time to write up your findings and get it to Northeastern by late spring or early summer so she can understand the accommodations she will receive from the start of college. [My child] has benefited greatly from having extended time for test taking as well as having audio support on her more difficult reading assignments and is a little anxious to make sure she will still be able to have these two accommodations once she is off to college. Please let me know if you think this timing is good and if we should go ahead and block out that time. Thanks! (December 2015).

Thank you. It is particularly nice to have testing that pinpoints where [my daughter’s] reading trouble is, and I appreciate all of the accommodation suggestions that you listed. (March 2015).

You have no idea how impactful you are. I count my lucky stars I found you. (January 2015).

Dr. Muir, I just received the good news and immediately wanted to share it with you. I got time and a half and will be in a quiet room for the (Louisiana) bar exam! I cannot thank you enough for answering the phone that day and patiently listening while I panicked. And then having the compassion to clear your schedule and test me on such short notice. My parents and I have read a lot of reports over the years and yours was by far the most targeted and persuasive we’ve ever read. Your kindness and openness really touched me. Let me know if you need anything – my parents and/or I would be happy to write a testimonial for your website. Thank you again! (Law school graduate, June 2015).

Thank you for putting together a thorough report. It confirms much of what [or son]has experienced last year and this year managing work, meeting deadlines, preparing for tests and taking longer on timed tests. With accommodation his grades definitely would be better and there would be less stress for him and the whole family. ..I shared a brief overview with [my son] and he was actually relieved to have his difficulties documented so that the school and teachers can better understand what he experiences (May 2015, Mother Fairfax County, VA).

We are thankful that we found you and the school recommended you before [our daughter] starts high school. Moving from a small parochial school to a large public high school, we want the transition to be as seamless as possible (Mother, Gainesville, VA May 2015).

Shocking how well you know my child after only two days of evaluating him…What you wrote in the report summarizes his elementary school years better than anyone on his team thus far and we appreciate the academic plan that you have proposed (Father, Washington, DC 2015).

My son is dyslexic. So am I. And now, so is my daughter. Thank you for making the path easier for my kids than it was for me (Father, Washington DC, May 2015).

[My daughter] was very pleased with her time with you yesterday, feeling that you understood her problems. She’s a very smart young woman, but she has always been a slow reader, as have I, and so I understand how frustrating that can be. I hope you are successful in getting her the accommodations she deserves. Thanks. She really enjoyed her time with you (Father, incoming Business School graduate student, May 2015).

Adopting leaves open a lot of unanswered questions. While we have been there all along, this report helped shine the light on what otherwise would have been unknown. The past few years have been so much more clear and we thank you (Silver Spring, Maryland, May 2015).

My son has had 3 concussions this year and now, while he is accurate on his tests, he is slow and unable to finish. The school will not grant him additional time. We need documentation that he is still just as bright but he needs more time to finish the test, in school and on the SAT and ACT (Mother Fairfax County, Virginia, May, 2015).

Going back to an executive MBA program, I need new testing so that I can be provided with extra time on tests. After being out in the work world for more than ten years, I didn’t have to take the GRE to get into NYU or Georgetown University thankfully, but because of my ADHD, I need more time to show what I know on University exams (University of North Carolina graduate, May 2015).

Hello Dr. Muir, Thank you for the results of [our daughter’s] evaluation. I am very impressed with the amount of detail and recommendations that you have provided us. It is a lot to take in right now, but I may give you a call next week if any specific questions arise. I appreciate the time you spent with [her]. This has been a meaningful experience and while we wish the results were different, we do feel relieved to know that with proper tutoring, professional services, and accommodations she can reach her full potential. Best Regards. (Virginia mom of rising high school freshman, May 2015).

We knew the answers all along. Being validated can never be underestimated. (Mother, Great Falls, VA, May 2015).

I will add your name to our referral list for students requiring testing (Georgetown University Academic Resource Center Serving students with physical, chronic health, psychological or cognitive disabilities, May 2015).

You are a dear! Your letter [to Longwood University] could not be better. Thank you! Your input is dead-on, greatly supporting our requests for academic and housing accommodations (Mother Virginia, May 2015).

My sister had her son tested and when she heard an ADHD diagnosis, it paralyzed her. When we heard that our son has ADHD, we were not. Your report gave us options about what to do next. VERY EMPOWERING! (May 2015).

Thank you for keeping our story confidential. When we saw you recently unexpectedly at a charity event, I appreciated the opportunity to have our professional relationship remain just that (May 2015).

Approved for accommodations in the precollege summer program at MIT! This will increase the chances of getting in when I apply next year, I hope. Thank you (Bethesda, Maryland 16 year old junior, May 2015).

Most of all, thank you for taking time out of your day to support [our daughter] . Please know what a difference you made in her life. She is such a “good” kid… She’s kind, easy going, and well-adjusted. A huge part of who she has become, comes from the confidence and success she gained as a student. Your assessment of [our child in 2008] and professional recommendations have made a valuable difference in her life. Many thanks! (Virginia mother of child with chronic medical condition, 2015).

My son was tested by you last year and he is now in college. He is passing all his classes, has accommodations including one that allows for a single dorm room. The evaluation was expensive, but, I am happy with the outcome and the peace of mind it has provided. I am referring my niece and nephew (Mother of son with learning and attention disorder, April 2015).

Decided to go to American University. Because of your testing I qualify for: weekly meetings with a academic coach, a writing tutor, tutoring in my major classes, technology for reading and writing for freshman year–and every year after (April 2015).

At Arizona State University, with your detailed report, I got tutoring not only about the material but on learning strategies, study sessions, counseling, assistive technology (read texts through ear buds), and organizational tutoring. I am so thankful I transferred and I only wish I had met you sooner (April 2015).

Thank you so much for your support. I’m truly grateful about being able to share this report and being able to get [my son] what he needs. (Mother of elementary aged boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and a Communication/pragmatic language disorder applying to a private school, April 2015).

Had my boy tested by you in third grade and it was the best decision (even though I hesitated, and hesitated) I have made. Now [he] is a senior in high school and his options are open-ended. We will never stop appreciating your influence when others failed us in those early years. Thank you for believing in my son! and in us as parents (April 2015).

It has been nearly four years since [my daughter] had her testing done so as she leaves for college, we need to have it done again. [The University that she has selected] has offered to test her in the fall but we want her to start with any accommodations available to her. Lacrosse practice will start almost immediately upon campus arrival so she won’t have much free time. Since seeing you last, she has completed an auditory training program….she was able to take her ACT over a three week period with extra time for each session so there has been success (and acceptance by [my daughter]) throughout high school. Can we please get on your schedule? (mother from Virginia, April 2015).

Hi Suzie, I hope you are well. A nice note from [my son’s] school resource follows. His tutor reports progress as well. One step at a time, but forward we go! I think of you as we work through this process and I am so thankful that we found you. You make a difference. Warm regards. (April , 2015). Attached note from school: Hi, I just wanted to share something that happened last week. I had just introduced long a to the group and after going over words, we read a little book. After reading it together, [your son] asked if he could read the whole book out loud! He did such a great job. But more importantly, he had the desire and confidence to do this. I am very pleased with his progress, his attentiveness during our sessions and his desire to keep getting better and better. He is a sweetheart. Best, [school resource teacher]. (Elementary student diagnosed with learning disorder in reading, April 2015).

University of Georgia, University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, Bates, Sarah Lawrence, Goucher, University of the South College of Charleston, and Miami all said YES!!! Four years later, you have made a difference and it continues!!! Thank you (Student from boarding school in Massachusetts, April 2015

What we contributed to psychiatric problems, and then somatic complaints, and then physical medical complaints….and to learn that all along there was an undiagnosed learning disorder that caught up as AP classes piled on…what time we could have saved (Chevy Chase, MD April 2015).

Suzie, just an update about [our 17 year old son]. I went before the accommodations committee at [a large suburban high school in Fairfax County Virginia] this week; 6 of them around the table, including counselors, a teacher and a psychologist. They had your 42-page report in hand and after introductions the psychologist, said they usually require more conversation to make a decision but this was a slam dunk and [my son] will be eligible for Section 504 accommodations. We meet with his teachers on April 9 to nail down specifics. Thank you for your help with our son. (Father, March 2015).

Accepted to Pitzer, Eugene Lang (New School), Oberlin, Bennin and Washington College. And I broke up with the boyfriend I told you about. The future is bright. Thank you. I really believe the 3.8GPA was a result of accommodations received after being tested. Without being able to finish tests with time given, I would have never made it past a 2.0 (January 2015).

Playing lacrosse at Mercyhurst in Pennsylvania in the fall. Division 2. So psyched. Thank you (January 2015).

Attached is my [child’s] graduation photo. THANK YOU. Even though you tested him years ago, when he was beginning middle school, THANK YOU. The recommendations helped to get him to this point. You saw his potential when no one else could (January 2015).

Dr. Muir, I would like to chime in to add our thanks for your herculean efforts to complete [our daughter]’s testing and reports on such a tight time frame. Because of our experiences with the educational testing system in the past, we are well aware of what a huge request this was. Thank you for understanding the near-impossible timetable of [our daughter]’s situation and choosing to take on the task even though she was a new client. We can’t imagine that many in your position would have been so empathetic and accommodating. We only wish we had met you earlier in our journey down this road. Gratefully, (January 2015, Mother of law student applying for accommodations/extra time on the Bar examination).

Hi Dr. Muir, First, a big Thanks for your work with [our daughter]. My wife and daughter came away elated by your ability to really “get [her],” as well as communicate some immediate observations that frankly feel right on target. We’re really looking forward to the formal results, and your assistance with a plan of action”… (January, 2015, Father of college senior, Northern Virginia).
For what it is worth, you were correct. We had 3 different tutors and [our son] was still not reading with ease. You let us know that he was not dyslexic as we assumed–but that he was indeed reaching his potential. While this was extremely difficult at the time to hear, two years later, I can stand tall and tell you, without crying as I did in your office, that [our son] is thriving in [his new school]. Our beautiful son may never read on grade level, but he is more relaxed and less anxious, happier in fact, in a school (thank you for recommending) where the expectations are more in line with his ability. Happy new year to you Suzie. In hindsight, I am sorry for questioning. My boy is learning, likes going to school and he has dreams for his future. What more could a mama of an seventh grader wish for (Maryland, January 2015).

Suzie, Good morning I wanted to give you an update on how [my son] is doing since he completed his assessment with you. At the start of the school year we decided to transfer him to [an independent Montessori school]. He has tons of friends; he’s excelling in all the schoolwork; he looks forward to going to school (even gets to sled at recess time when it snows!) and he actually wanted to try out for one of the main parts in the school play and got it! He’s really blossoming and it’s so great to see. And all my concerns of him leaving the neighborhood school seem to be a non-issue he still has his neighborhood friends now just with the addition of school friends as well. We are planning on keeping him there next year as well…We did end up meeting with [the doctor you suggested for auditory processing evaluation] and he is now seeing a speech therapist [at school]. He has also been seeing [an independent tutor, as you suggested for his reading] and she has been amazing! We also met with [an independent school counselor who you recommended] regarding school choices for middle school and high school. Our first choice is the [X] and second choice is [Y] and I think they would both be excellent. Also wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our neighbor’s [who we told about you] child. She really liked you a lot. Sincerely (January 2015, Mother of elementary student with dyslexia, Montgomery County, Maryland).

Thanks again for meeting with us, and for your being so clear and supportive about [our daughter’s] many strengths and potentials. I also really appreciate you digging deeper to understand the nature of the issues she does struggle with, and making recommendations for addressing them (Mother of college student, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, January 2015).
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